While The World is moving towards Electric SUVs, Some Companies Think The Opposite


There was a time when the world was unfamiliar with the idea of cars running on electricity. Before that, the world thought that only oil was the only source that could run the engines and keep the cars running. This concept had been around for more than a century but the times finally changed.

Eventually, the world came to know that it was possible for the cards to run on electricity. The initial approach towards this goal was through hybrid cars, where the primary source was fuel and the secondary were batteries.

That is when Tesla popped up and not only it claimed but proved that it was possible to run vehicles on electricity alone. That was a revolution in the history of automobiles and thus, a new vehicle category was born.

Soon, the industry started gaining momentum as the orientation of the world has started moving towards environment friendliness. Over the course of time, more people are moving to electric cars in order to fight off global warming.

Global warming is the by-product that the world is suffering from due to pollution, where carbon plays a huge role. When it comes to carbon emission, then most of the credit goes to vehicles running on petroleum, diesel, and other products that release carbon.

With time, people have started shifting to electric vehicles and are looking for variety and luxury within this category. Initially, the consumers mostly leaned towards sedans but the recent data shows that people are now attracted more towards all-electric SUVs.

While the research proves that the major markets such as China, Europe, and the USA are moving towards SUVs, some electric car companies are making a different claim.

When we talk about consumers acquiring electric SUVs, it means that they are looking for spacious vehicles, which even the sedans are unable to offer.

However, companies such as Nobe and Microlino claim that people prefer tiny electric cars to spacious SUVs. The companies claim that the vehicles they offer are luxurious, have unique designs, and have all the features of a high-end vehicle.

When it comes to Nobe, it is in the process of launching its GT100 and has a bold move to target the American market. The car has the ability to seat two people, can go up to 80 miles per hour and has a driving range of 180 miles per charge.

The second company is Microlino that has taken its inspiration from BMW Isetta, one of the most successful cars in Europe, during and after WW2.

Although Microlino is expected to offer features similar to the GT100, yet it is set to offer a price tag that is going to be its most attractive feature. The company has predicted that once launched, the price tag of the card would be around $12,000.