What’s Utterly More Surprising Than Giving Away Bitcoin On This Halloween?


Halloween has just gone past. Many haunting stories were projected on this Halloween yet nothing seems to be more surprising than giving away of Bitcoin.

The latest news confirmed that an owner of crypto had given away gift cards worth US$ 400 on this Halloween. As per the details, children from Canada received Bitcoin in the form of gift cards as Trick or Treat. The identity of the man, who had distributed the Bitcoin-based gift cards amongst children, was disclosed as Brad Mills.

When kids dressed as Draculas and ghosts visited Brad Mills’ House, they bagged sweets and candies plus Bitcoin gift cards. While many left clueless because they were not aware of them but a few knew usage of Bitcoin gift cards.

In his tweet on October 31, Mills informed that he was planning to give away gift cards along with the candies. He told me that he deposited US$ 200 each in several Bitcoin gift cards which he intended to give to visiting kids. He also videotaped the reactions of the kids when he distributed the gift cards with candies and sweets to kids. He told that many kids were surprised while most of them knew that the cards are worth something.

He told me that the idea struck him soon after he found out that the Bitcoin price has gone above US$ 14,000. He wanted to celebrate Bitcoin’s high and Halloween was the best way to do it, he told.

Mills also told that one boy’s reaction was unforgettable. Upon receiving candies and a gift card in his bag, the boy instantaneously told his friends that they hit the jackpot. The kids then started to inform other kids that Mills was distributing Bitcoin cards. Thereafter many came straightaway to the house of Mills for trick or treat. Many of them first asked Mills about what is Bitcoin and he had to apprise them in the easiest way possible. Mills also told that those kids who had an idea about Bitcoin, the opportunity of recording their reactions were priceless.

Those kids who got the Bitcoin gift cards from Mills can use crypto ATMs in Canada. They can also use the cards for buying products online from those stores which accept crypto payments.