Vista to Reportedly Acquire Blue Prism at $1.5 Billion Deal


As per the latest reports, Blue Prism has announced that it has agreed to a deal that would see Vista fully acquiring it. The company has revealed that the deal has been finalized at a price of £1.1 billion, which translates to $1.5 billion at the time of writing. Blue Prism has confirmed that the entire amount will be paid by Vista in cash.

Blue Prism is a major software company that is based in Britain, while Vista Equity Partners is a private equity firm. The announcement by Blue Prism being taken over by Vista was made on Tuesday, September 28, 2021.

Blue Prism is prominently known for specializing in and developing software robots. The company develops this software for robots to perform repetitive tasks. The company has announced that as part of the deal, each shareholder will be paid £11.25 per share and the amount will be paid in cash. Vista has announced that the share price it will pay would be the 35% premium of Blue Prism’s share closing price.

Since the start of 2021, there have been several occasions where a publicly listed software company is acquired by a private equity company. The deal between Blue Prism and Vista Equity Partners is among the latest and one of the highest valued deals. Prior to a deal between Blue Prism and Vista, it was KKR and Clayton that had acquired Cloudera.

Blue Prism has proven to be highly regarded and vastly known as an innovative company. This is the reason why it has earned the honor of being monitored by the equity firms from the United States. In the mainstream industry, it is a huge deal for foreign companies to be able to attract equity firms from the United States.

In recent months, companies such as Cobham, an aerospace firm, John Laing, an infrastructure company, and Morrison’s, a supermarket chain, have all been huge attraction companies for US equity investors.

Several equity firms from the United States have made the attempt of acquiring these companies in order to set foot into the UK markets while operating from the United States.

Vista has revealed what it aims to achieve once it has fully acquired Blue Prism. According to executives from Vista, once the acquisition is complete, Blue Prism will be indirectly transferred to TIBCO, which is Vista’s portfolio company that operates as an enterprise data firm.

The CEO and chairman at Blue Prism, Jason Kingdon, talked about the acquisition of Blue Prism and having it alongside TIBCO. Kingdon stated that they have always wanted to stay on top of the intelligent automation technology for the next generation.

Therefore, the acquisition of Vista is going to complete what Vista has been aiming to achieve and both companies will be acting as one unit to achieve extreme advancement in intelligent automation.