vCargo Cloud Supplies a New Hope for Global Traders by Launching GUUD Platform


vCargo Cloud has successfully launched GUUD trading platform which is aimed at to make the global trade processes as simple and easy and is fully equipped to allow anyone to make a mark in global trade.

vCargo Cloud Pte. Ltd. (VCC), which is a company housed in Singapore, has today announced that it has developed a new platform called the GUUD which is comprising of new group of companies. The platform has been successfully launched today by VCC for the purposes of simplifying the rather complex and sophisticated processes involved in the global trading. VCC also said that the platform will enable the global traders to achieve their global trading ambitions with greater efficiency.

Armed with the ambition of providing a vision of “Trade for Good”, VCC stated that the program is capable of allowing businesses at all levels whether micro, small or medium to acquire a prominent position in the global trade where the obstacles such as red-tape will be reduced considerably and the need of middlemen will be totally eradicating allowing a much clear access to financial services and logistics. The platform is designed in a manner that it can streamline all the processes comprised in a global trade ranging from shipping, compliance till the payments. The documents that are required for the completion of any trade transactions can be submitted efficiently through the platform without any hindrance, said the VCC.

Desmond Tay who is the current Chief Executive Officer of GUUD commented that the businessmen today very concerned and rightly so because the cross-border trade process has been made so burdensome and complex and in particular the businessmen of micro and medium level struggle hard to cope with them because they have limited resources available with them. He said that the initiative has been taken by GUUD to allow every type of trader to play in the same filed so that the equal opportunities are available to all without contradiction.

According to news sources, the GUUD platform has been duly supported by many key players from the financial world which also include Enterprise Singapore, Singapore Customs, and Infocomm and Media Development Authority.