U.S. Sanctions Ended Up Affecting an Italian Restaurant Owner


As Donald Trump’s administration came to an end starting January 2021, it did whatever it could to make sure that the world could never forget it. Especially, it is Alessandro Bazzoni who will definitely not be forgetting about Donald Trump’s administration.

Alessandro Bazzoni is an Italian who owns a restaurant in Italy and the person was shocked when it was revealed to him that the United States had passed sanctions on his restaurant.

It was back in 2019 when Donald Trump’s administration had passed strict sanctions on the Venezuelan State. However, Venezuela was not the only entity that had sanctions passed on it but other entities as well.

While imposing sanctions on the entities listed by Donald Trump’s administration, a slight mistake was made. That mistake was that the administration mistakenly ended up imposing a sanction on the company run by Alessandro Bazzoni back in January 2021.

It has been established that Donald Trump’s administration ended up imposing sanctions on the restaurant as a result of identity confusion.

Following the reports of the mistaken sanction imposition, Alessandro Bazzoni was approached by CNBC in Verona, Italy. The CNBC network had the opportunity to talk to Bazzoni via telephone where he talked about the sanction that was applied to his restaurant.

According to Alessandro Bazzoni, the sanction on his restaurant was imposed in an error made by Trump’s administration. Bazzoni talked about the mistaken identity and the sanction on a telephonic interview on Thursday, April 1, 2021.

Alessandro Bazzoni’s restaurant is not the only business that was mistakenly sanctioned by Donald Trump’s administration throughout the tenure. Apart from Bazzoni, there was another company from Italy that had fallen victim to the Trump administration’s mistake. The other company is also from Italy from the city of Porto Torres and is part of the graphic designing sector.

Since then, the United States’ administration has admitted to having mistakenly sanctioned some companies from Italy and other regions. The administration has been making all the necessary efforts to remove these companies from the sanction list.

The administration also confirmed that they ended mixing up the names and imposed sanctions on incorrect Bazzoni. The officials from the Treasury Department have confirmed that their department realized the error and has fixed it so the companies are no longer on the sanction list.

Throughout Donald Trump’s tenure, his administration carried out several sanctions on countries such as Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, and China. The Trump administration also sanctioned many companies from China and the majority of them were from the telecommunication sector.

On top of that, Donald Trump also issued Executive Orders to the US Stock Exchange firms in order de-list many telecommunication companies based in China from the US Stock Exchange lists.