Tim Cook Talks about Tesla, Elon Musk, and Hints towards Apple’s Car


In recent years, there were several rumors surrounding Apple’s involvement in the car-manufacturing sector to launch its own car. There were many sources who revealed that Apple was reportedly in contact with several major car manufacturing companies.

The sources revealed that Apple planned to introduce its own autonomous cars and that created a lot of hype among the Apple enthusiasts as well as the automobile industry.

However, the majority of the companies such as Hyundai that were said to be in talks with Apple denied any involvement with the tech giant. There were several other car-manufacturing giants that denied any claims made around their involvement with Apple for the autonomous Apple cars.

Just when it was thought that the rumors were just a mere attempt to create hype and spike Apple’s share prices, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has rejuvenated the topic with the recent hint he has dropped.

As per the latest reports, Tim Cook has revealed that the company is now making progress in its autonomous car project. He revealed that the previous talks that the company had with major automobile giants didn’t go as planned.

Then there was the pandemic that dragged/delayed the talks to the point where they became ineffective, and thus, were dropped. However, now that the situation around the world has started getting back to normal, they are planning to start focusing on the autonomous car project.

Cook hinted that the company has renewed its talks with the relevant companies in order to make progress and development in its autonomous car project.

He stated that autonomy is a technology that is entirely on a different level. He stated with the integration of this technology into cars, the vehicles literally become robots than being normal cars.

He stated that once the autonomy technology is fully adopted, it will offer way more innovations and advancements than there currently are in the automobile sector.

Cook hinted that as always, Apple will be getting the most out of the autonomy technology. It will show the world as well as the automobile sector what it is capable of doing with the technology.

While talking about the autonomous vehicle, Tim Cook also talked about Tesla and Elon Musk’s contribution to the autonomous vehicles sector.

He stated that a while back, Elon Musk had tried to get into talks with Apple in regards to the autonomous project. However, it was Tim Cook who had declined the proposal made by Elon Musk.

Cook stated that Tesla’s contribution in the self-driving vehicles sector is enormous and at present, it is unmatched. He stated that Tesla has already started working on its autonomous cars and there are some cars that currently have the particular system installed in them.