TikTok Star Launches Capital University Podcast with Pompliano


Twenty-one-year-old social media celebrity, Bryce Hall, has gained a lot of popularity for his videos on the TikTok media platform. Now, he is planning to enter the cryptocurrency space in order to take advantage of its potential. However, he wouldn’t be starting this journey alone and will now be accompanied by none other than a renowned Bitcoin bull, Anthony Pompliano. The ‘Capital University’ finance podcast had been launched by Pompliano and Hall, which will be very different from the usual podcast that Pomp does. The regular podcasts done by Pomp prioritize business, investment, and a bullish stance for BTC, but in this new joint venture, he will attempt to cross the generational divide. 

The 32-year-old Pomp will learn how social media influencers earn money. In turn, Hall will be mentored by Pomp on how to build generational wealth by making use of investment strategies. It appears to be a win-win situation for everyone involved. In a statement to the press, Hall explained that he just wants to highlight how powerful and important diversification can be for people. He went on to say that he regarded cryptocurrency as its own asset class, one that was definitely worth exploring, considering its potential. 

In fact, he went on to refer to crypto as internet gold, highlighting how there are some crypto tokens that are finite and this fact is pretty well-known. Hall is well-recognized as a star on TikTok and has a total of 25 million followers, which are spread out between TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. He also has a reported net worth $2 million, as well. Before he achieved internet fame, Hall said that he had been ‘completely broke’, but now he is able to earn a sizable income via apparel merchandise, brand deals, and also YouTube AdSense revenues. 

Even though he has a lot of wealth, it wasn’t until in a tweet on September 29th that Hall expressed his interest in purchasing Bitcoin. However, he did disclose that he wasn’t associated with the crypto industry as a whole. But, this could certainly change for him because he is now hosting a podcast with a man who is known to be a Bitcoin bull. In addition, Hall also made the announcement that the co-founder of Gemini, Tyler Winklevoss, would also be participating in their podcast. 

When it comes to his persona on social media, Hall had used the adjectives ‘crazy’ and ‘stupid’ to describe himself. Even so, he also clarified that he had absolutely no idea of how to handle cryptocurrency. But, there is no doubt that with the aid of a man like Pomp, Hall could also end up becoming one of the more prominent Bitcoin bulls in the market. Hall said that he is currently ‘at the top’ and so, he has the chance to make a lot of money. Nonetheless, he also stressed that he had to find a way that he could sustain his wealth. It seems that he is fully aware of exactly how fickle the job security of a social media influencer is.