Three New Alexa Products Just Teased by Amazon


It was just on February 17, 2021, when Amazon teased the entire user-market by revealing that it was in the process of launching three new products. The e-commerce giant revealed that the three products it is in the process of launching will be Alexa-enabled.

Amazon revealed that the name of the products it is planning to launch include Cuckoo Clock, Nutrition Scale, and a Smart Sticky Note Printer.

However, this time, Amazon has gone with a different kind of marketing approach and has surprised all the users. Amazon has announced that it will be manufacturing and shipping these products only if there are enough orders placed for each product.

For these Alexa-enabled products, Amazon has turned to the Kickstarter approach. The approach is made by organizations, startups, and artists with aims to gain enough following and demand before they even start working on the project.

The companies do this to save the cost of mass-producing products only to see only a small number of the products being sold. This results in a lot of loss, which for new startups is a huge blow, and most of the time, the companies go out of business because of this very reason.

However, Amazon already has a huge market recognition and capitalization that is worth in trillions. Therefore, it does not need to go with this kind of approach, yet the company has gone for it. Following the rumors, Amazon has provided clarity on the matter and confirming exactly what its aiming for.

Amazon marketing teams have confirmed that it is not the Kickstarter approach they are going after but a “Build It” program they have recently initiated. According to Amazon, they now want to give the power to their customers whether they would want to see a product being produced or not.

This is the reason why Amazon is letting the customers choose the products and place pre-orders on them. It is now giving an opportunity to the customers to see the products they want to see and not see the ones that they do not. This would also help Amazon hit two birds with one stone as it will also be cutting the budget on unnecessary productions.

Ever since Amazon launched the voice-controlled software, Alexa, it has been integrating it into several products. So far, the tech/e-commerce giant has introduced a number of products that are Alexa-enabled such as earbuds, microwaves, speakers, and glasses.

When unveiling the Cuckoo Clock, Amazon asked its fans if they liked the idea of having an Alexa-enabled Cuckoo Clock. If yes, then the customers can go ahead and place orders for the product as fast as they can. According to the platform, the customers have a 30-day time to place as many orders as they can so Amazon can begin the production process.