The World is Moving towards Eco-Friendly Energy Sources but is the Price Right?

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In the past couple of decades, the entire world has become very cautious and aware of global warming issues. The environment-friendly industries have been making many developments and taking many steps to promote eco-friendly products and utilities.

One of the major global concerns at present is energy production that is responsible for the majority of the carbon emissions in the entire world. Several countries from around the world are still generating electricity through coal and oil power plants.

However, the global orientation is shifting to solar energy production and an enormous number of solar panels are required for this purpose. Therefore, several countries have upped their game in terms of having solar panels produced on large scale.

In the past couple of decades, the Xinjiang region in China has emerged as the hub for the production of parts used for manufacturing solar panels. This is why several major companies in the same sector have their production units established in this region.

In recent years, such companies have increased the production of solar panels in order to meet global demands.

Just recently, new research has been conducted showing the amount of labor that is being used in order to meet the production demand for solar parts.

The research shows that the Xinjiang region is exploiting the Uyghur population and other religious minorities in the country to force them into labor. The labor is currently involved in producing the largest number of solar panel manufacturing equipment.

The research has caused many concerns on the global platform where people are questioning if it is right to implement forced labor in order to deal with the energy crisis.

On top of that, the research report also sheds light on the sources being used for the production of solar panels. The report provides evidence as to why the production of energy panels is unethical. According to the report, apart from forced labor, the production units are utilizing dirty coal.

However, China has always denied such allegations and is still standing by its claim of using no forced labor in the Xinjiang region. The country is constantly denying the allegations over the abuse of human rights in the region.

The Chinese Government still claims that it is a move from the United States of America and its allies to give China a bad global image. This way, the United States of America is aiming to destabilize the current economic hold of China in the global economy.

The Foreign Ministry of China is yet to comment on the situation but they are still claiming that all allegations portrayed at China’s human rights abuse are nothing more than lies.