The Volkswagen CEO States He is Not Afraid of Apple

The CEO of Volkswagen, Herbert Diess has recently released a statement that somewhat hints at what the largest car manufacturing giant has in its mind. According to Diess, he stated that he is not at all intimidated or scared of the tech giant, Apple.

The statement from Diess comes following the recent reports where it has been claimed that Apple will be getting into car manufacturing. Apple is reportedly involved in looking for potential companies that would help it design and develop the system for the autonomous electric vehicles.

The CEO of Volkswagen also made a very bold statement, delivering a strong message to Apple. He stated that the tech sector throughout the globe goes into the hands of those who are advanced and use the latest technology.

However, the car manufacturing sector is completely different from the tech industry and here, things are done differently. It is not easy for a tech giant to show up and dominate the market where there are companies that have been around for more than or almost a century.

These companies have been around for a very, very long time and have built very strong dealerships around the globe. They have studied the markets for a very long time and this is the reason why they have managed to stick around for such a long time.

As per the latest reports, Apple is currently in the process of designing and developing autonomous electric vehicles. The company is eager to set foot into the car manufacturing sector and has plans to launch its first electric vehicle in 2024.

It was also rumored that the California Department of Motor Vehicles had granted a permit to Apple back in 2017 to test vehicles that had the functionality of self-driving.

One of the largest banking investment firms ‘Morgan Stanley’ also talked about Apple’s recent developments in the electric car vehicle industry.

The analysts from the investment giant stated that it was about time Apple decided to jump into the car manufacturing industry. It had been speculated for years that Apple would get into the car manufacturing industry but now seems to be the best time for the tech giant.

Now that the world has the technology to achieve self-driving and have built up AI, it has now become possible for Apple to offer something unique and different to their die-hard customers.

By doing this, Apple will have its fair share in the $10 trillion automobile industry and will make a huge difference for the industry.

While Tesla continues to conquer the electric car manufacturing sector, Volkswagen has also started gaining on the electric vehicle market. Despite the company has sold less than half the electric-vehicles that Tesla sold back in 2020, yet its growth rate from the prior year was sky-high.