Tesla under pressure from Chinese Market – Recalls Several Hundred Model 3 Cars


According to the latest reports, Tesla is reportedly recalling several hundred units of its Model 3 electric car that it had already delivered to China. The information has been shared by the market regulator of the Chinese central government.

According to the market regulator, Tesla is reportedly recalling 700 Model 3 units from the Chinese market. The information has made it to the headlines on Thursday, June 3, 2021.

In the past couple of years, Tesla has been facing a lot of heat in regards to several mishaps taking place with the company. Despite Tesla being the largest electric car manufacturer, the company is constantly under a lot of pressure. The electric car company is also under heavy scrutiny from the government of the United States and China alike.

By now, it has become somewhat of a common practice for Tesla to recall its vehicle from different electric car markets. The majority of the time, the markets where it has to recall its vehicles are the US and Chinese markets.

At present, the Chinese and the United States markets are considered at the top when it comes to electric vehicles. As a result, Tesla has reportedly recalled several thousands of its vehicles from the US and the Chinese markets.

When it comes to the Chinese markets, the company has been facing a lot of heat from the consumer market as well as a lot of pressure from the Chinese regulatory authorities.

The Chinese scrutiny has been increasing over Tesla with every passing month and the reason is the cars and their mishaps. In the past several months, several collisions and brake failures have been reported by the citizens of China for the Tesla cars.

As a result, the largest electric car manufacturing company has been receiving a lot of negative feedback from Chinese customers. Even the Chinese media has played its part in throwing heavy rocks at Tesla for delivering below standard services and vehicles to the country.

From Tesla’s Thursday announcement, it has been confirmed that a total of 734 vehicles have been recalled by the company. These particular vehicles were reportedly produced by Tesla back in 2019. The information related to the recalling of the vehicles has been shared by the Chinese regulatory authority through its website.

There, the Market Regulatory Administration has provided more information around the recent recall and the schedule for the recalling purposes.

According to the inside sources, there are two major reasons why Tesla is recalling particular vehicles. The first reason problem with the tires of the Model 3 cars that increase collision risks. The second reason is problems with the seatbelts that put the safety of the drivers/passengers at a risk in case of a collision.