Sony Ended Up Facing a Lawsuit over Defected Controllers for PS5


Out of all the gaming consoles that Sony has ever launched, the Sony PS5 turned out to be one of its greatest achievements. Ever since its launch, it has reigned over the gaming console industry with its design and hardware that it has offered the buyers.

The product has been widely accepted by the gaming community and has managed to attract even more gaming enthusiasts from different gaming consoles and even from the gaming PC/Laptops industry.

However, as PS5 has conquered the gaming market since the last fall, it has also ended up attracting trouble towards itself. There are many out of many that have not been fully satisfied because of what they had to experience from the new PS5.

According to the latest reports, Sony is now facing a class-action lawsuit from the Southern District of New York. It has been reported that the lawsuit has been filed against Sony (SNE) on Friday, February 19, 2021.

The Southern District of New York has alleged Sony of breaching warranty agreements as well as violating consumer fraud statutes. The allegations have been made by the plaintiff pointing out the defect in the DualSense wireless controllers for PS5.

It has been revealed that the lawsuit against PS5 has been filed by the law firm known as Donaldson Smith and Chimicles Schwartz Kriner. The firm is among the list of law firms that are currently pursuing the lawsuit against Sony.

The firms pursuing the lawsuits against Sony for similar claims have also created an online website. All the cases, complaints, and reports filed against the same defect are being gathered through the website. One of the top reporting websites in the gaming sector IGN was the first that broke the news around the defects and lawsuits being filed again PS5.

The class action filed by the plaintiff has raised concerns over the PS5 DualSense controllers that were released with the new PS5 consoles at the time of launch back in November of 2020.

According to the allegation, the PS5 DualSense wireless controllers have a defect in them known as “drift”. The “drift” defect in the controllers is reportedly causing the elements and characters in the game to move without even using the controller.

Many PS5 users that purchased the console the last fall have reported the same issue stating the same without having even touched the joystick on the controller.

As a result, the defect renders the game being unable to play due to the interference of the uncontrolled character or elements movements. The defect not only interferes with gameplay but also raises many questions and concerns over the functionality of the DualSense controllers.

According to the plaintiff, Sony was already aware of the “drift” defect and continued with selling the consoles with defective controllers.