Saudi Arabia Expects It will Have Perfect Relations with Biden’s Administration


For several decades, Saudi Arabia has been a country that always on good terms with the United States of America. No matter the President of the USA, Saudi Arabia has always aimed to be in the good books of the world’s most powerful country.

On January 23, 2021, the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia has released a statement around its expectations from the new US administration. According to the statement, the country is very optimistic about its relationships with the United States of America.

The Saudi Arabian foreign minister stated that Saudi Arabia has had good ties with the US and it aims to keep them that way. The country wants to keep it the same way with the new administration of the current President of the United States of America.

The Saudi foreign minister also stated that they will continue their talks with Washington regarding the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Over the course of years, Saudi Arabia has built historical and solid relations with the United States. The country will continue to do that even with Joe Biden’s administration.

During the election campaign, Joe Biden made a statement suggesting that he will be reassessing with Saudi Arabia. It was back in 2019 when Joe Biden has referred to Saudi Arabia as Pariah. Biden had stated that he will be taking firm action against the human rights that have been practice in Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, his administration would also have a firm stance against the Yemen war that was devastating.

In the statement, Prince Faisal also stated that Riyadh will continue to have its talks with Washington regarding the nuclear deal of Iran. The United States of America had pulled back from the 2015 nuclear deal in 2018 between Iran and major powers. According to the deal, Iran had agreed to restrain its nuclear program as it was going to get relief from the economic sanctions that had been imposed on it.

Prince Faisal added that KSA aims to discuss the Iran matter in detail with the USA and get to a final decision. They will be consulting the matter and come to a strong and firm decision against Iran for not complying with the nuclear deal.

The countries will be agreeing on some strong monitoring factors to ensure that Iran follows the implementation with full compliance.

He added that the gulf allies alongside Saudi Arabia are concerned about the ballistic missiles. The countries even supported Donald Trump in regards to this stance and pressure against Iran. They also supported the decision made by Donald Trump in cancelling the deal nuclear deal with Iran and re-impose sanctions on it.