Private Jets Company JetSetGo reveals not the Rich One Are Leaving India


With every passing day, the COVID-19 situation in India continues to worsen and more cases keep coming in on a daily basis. At present, the total number of COVID-19 cases being reported per day to have exceeded 400,000 figures.

While countries and Indian patriots from all over the world continue making their efforts of helping the country, some people in the country prefer deserting it rather than helping the people in need.

During the time of need, when the Indian population needed their heroes and idols from the Bollywood industry, the majority of the celebrities are fleeing the country.

Then there are businesspersons and the richest in the country who are also leaving it behind to rot and face the worst time in its history. Amidst all this chaos, one of the private jet companies in India known as JetSetGo has made a shocking revelation.

The company has confirmed rumors around the fact that several Bollywood celebrities have left the country due to the pandemic. Furthermore, the business tycoons in the country have also fled the country with their families or loved ones.

However, the private jet company has revealed that it is not just the rich people leaving the country, but others are doing it as well.

The private jet charter company has revealed that even the upper-middle-class people are leaving the country. They are doing this by pooling in the money they have and can arrange in order to afford the flights for the private chartered jets.

Kanika Tekriwal, the CEO and co-founder at JetSetGo revealed that several upper-middle-class families in India are approaching their company for leaving India. They have arranged the necessary amount of money by pooling among the family members, so they can pay for the private jets.

It is mainly because the COVID-19 situation in India is completely out of control now. While the medical sector in the country is trying its best to fight off the situation, the Indian government seems to be in a state of denial.

Several countries and news channels from around the world are strongly criticizing the way the Indian government has dealt with the situation. At present, the total number of COVID-19 cases in India alone have exceeded 28 million figure.

The situation has gotten so worse in the country that the Indians who are able to muster enough resources to leave the country on private jets are doing that without a single thought.

The overall situation in the country is cruel now and India is receiving aid from all over the world. Yet, the number of cases in the country continues to rise to all-time highs. With every passing moment, the supply of Oxygen in Indian is becoming scarce but the Indian government is still silent about the situation.