Parler is Finally Back Online after an Entire Month


According to the latest reports, the “Parler” application is finally back online after being put off the track for an entire month. The social network that is widely supported by the conservatives has reportedly come back online on February 15, 2021.

It was a month back when Parler was suspended by several tech companies including Google, Apple, and Amazon Web Services. All the firms had unanimously taken down Parler from their platforms and Amazon Web Services (AWS) stopped providing its platform to the application.

However, as the application has been relaunched, it seems that it has gone through significant changes as the application looks redesigned. The content and the data that was previously available seen on the Parler application are no longer there.

The main page of the application also goes onto suggest that the users on the Parler platform have the freedom to speak their mind. It also suggests that everyone has the freedom to express themselves and they should not be worried about getting taken off the platform.

Right after the re-launch of the platform on February 15, 2021, the first post was made from Parler’s own account. The post made by Parler welcomes back all the old as well as the new users to the platform. It also joked off its previous suspension by adding a short online that said that the platform will not be canceled again.

The reason behind the cancellation and suspension of the Parler application a month back was triggered by the protests launched by conservatives. It was reported that the social media platform was very popular among the supporters of Donald Trump. The sources also suggested that Parler was the platform where some of the rioters of the US Capitol had planned out the whole drama.

As a result, the majority of the giants had disconnected themselves from the social media application. The tech giants Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google, and Apple released their statements confirming the suspension of the application.

The statements released by all tech giants that they could not let an application run through their platforms that were in any way involved in provocation and thus causing riots.

As a result of the above, the people who tried visiting the website were greeted with an unusual message that was a static placeholder.

According to the visitors, the Parler application now has a new logo designed for the platform. Moreover, the developers of the Parler application have also added a new link for the community guidelines. In addition to the new guidelines link, some pro-fans of the application have confirmed that the application has introduced a new set of guidelines following the recent incident.