Mitsubishi Just Debuted an SUV through Amazon Live


As per the latest reports from Mitsubishi, the company has used the Amazon Live platform to unveil its fully redesigned version of the SUV. It has been revealed that the SUV it has re-designed is the Outlander SUV. For those who are not aware of Amazon Live, it is an online streaming service that is operated by Amazon.

The sources have confirmed that Mitsubishi revealed the new Outlander SUV on Tuesday, February 16, 2021.

According to the followers of Mitsubishi, the company had reportedly email invitations to people who had subscribed to receive updates from the company. The invitation sent by Mitsubishi showed an oversized box for Amazon shipping and it was placed in a driveway.

However, Mitsubishi has not confirmed or revealed if it is going to acquire the services of Amazon for any other purpose. Even Amazon has not shared any details if both companies are planning to join forces for new ventures in the coming years.

It is currently not known if Mitsubishi is going to use the Amazon Live platform to unveil its other versions or models of the cars.

In order to make its vehicle lineup more interesting and appealing, Mitsubishi has revamped one of its most popular versions of the cars in the United States that it delivers.

The Mitsubishi manufacturing team has revealed that the re-designed SUV launched by Mitsubishi is different than the older versions in many ways.

The company has confirmed that the new version of the Outlander SUV is larger than the previous one. The vehicle is larger both in height, width, and length. Therefore, the company has re-designed the headlights, tail-lights, and grille to make up for the increment in the vehicle’s size.

The question here is, why did Mitsubishi use Amazon Live to unveil its newer addition of the Outlander SUV. The answer is the pandemic that has resulted in the cancellation of major events and unveils throughout the world. This is the reason why companies are now resorting to online unveils and web-events in order to launch their products.

In order to make sure that they are able to target and attract as many potential customers as possible, companies are using platforms such as Amazon Live to create a huge splash by unveiling their products.

By carrying out the recent unveil, Mitsubishi has registered its name among the automobile companies that have already resorted to online platforms to unveil their products.

Before Mitsubishi, it was Honda that used the Twitch platform to launch its re-designed version of the Civic. Twitch is a platform that is widely adopted and viewed by the gaming community around the world.

Then there is Ford that is reportedly using the Facebook platform for the unveiling of its newer car versions.