Microsoft in Bing Talks with AUS PM As Google Plans to Exit Country


According to recent reports, Microsoft which is considered the top software giant is currently in talks with the Australian Prime Minister. The software giant is in talks with the Australian administration with the aim to launch Bing in the country. Microsoft has made the proposal of launching Bing following the recent announcement made by Google.

Just a week back, Google announced that it would cease to provide its search engine service to the citizens of Australia. The search engine platform came to this decision after the recent law passed by the Australian government for news media platforms. According to the law, Google is required to charge users for the media searches they carry out through any platform.

This way, the media platforms will be able to generate revenue for the news they gather information around and make it available. However, the Google platform made it clear that it would not be complying with the new law as it would clearly be a violation of their policy.

The Google officials over in Australia stated their platform is available to all the users and provides them the ability to perform searches without any restrictions or having to pay any fees. Therefore, if Google does this, then it will be going against its policy and way of conduct.

Based on the above facts, Google has announced that it cannot go on with this and therefore, it will withdraw from Australia. According to stats, 94% of the entire country’s search market is dependent upon Google search.

However, Microsoft has found this to be the best opportunity and has expedited its talks with the Australian PM. The sources have revealed that the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella has spoken at lengths about the new rules with the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated that the software giant is eager to expand its services in the country. He also revealed that Microsoft is looking to fill in the gap and void that has been left by Google through its Bing platform.

While talking to the reporters at Canberra, Morrison stated that he was quite surprised with the level of confidence that Microsoft has. Although he did not reveal many details around their conversation Morrison sounded convinced and there may be chances of Bing coming in as the savior for the Australian citizens.

Morrison stated that their aim is to bring the same kind of rules in the digital markets that are being practiced in the physical markets.

On the other hand, the Microsoft spokesperson also confirmed the reports but did not want to make any further comments on them. However, the spokesperson clarified that Microsoft had no involvement in the implementation of the new rules.