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Michael Farr Shares his Views about Tesla’s Stocks

Tesla’s Stocks

In recent years, the Tesla auto-mobile company has seen an enormous amount of growth in its demand and supply. With the passage of time, the public’s view around electric cars has changed a lot and now more people are shifting to Tesla because of its durability, quality, and technology.

However, many investors and economic analysts have shared their concerns surrounding the company’s stocks. There are a lot of concerns in the air that Tesla’s stock prices are unusually high-priced. It has been predicted that the prices for Tesla’s shares may even grow higher.

Even then the analysts are taking both the possibilities into consideration while commenting on Tesla’s stocks. Some state that Tesla’s stocks will gain more value and will turn out to be very profitable. While some are claiming that its share prices will plunge, dropping to a really low value. Therefore, it is a win, win situation for the investors/shareholders or lose, lose situation.

There are currently no laws or restrictions put in place by the securities and exchange commissions or any regulatory authorities. Therefore, the prices of the shares for a particular company/entity can be set to whatever is desired by the seller.

Although there are many uncertainties about Tesla’s stock prices, yet there are analysts who are of different opinions about the stock prices. As per these analysts, if Tesla manages to maintain its stock prices for a while even after the price increment, it will be able to set the prices permanently high.

It has been revealed that Tesla had recently added its shares to one of the largest stock indexes ‘S&P 500’. The outcome received for adding the Tesla shares into the S&P 500 index was not what the company had expected in the first place.

The company was of the view that it will get to see somewhat of positive feedback from its shares listing into the index. However, the company shares did not manage to do as well as it had expected to be in the first place.

Even though the company did not do too well in the S&P 500 index, yet the company has managed to gain an overall 690% increase in its stock value since the beginning of this year.

The Tesla Automobile company now values at a price of $617 billion with respect to market value. At present, the automobile company ‘Tesla’ is ranked as the 6th largest company in of the most prominent index ‘S&P 500’.

At present, the shares of Tesla are being sold and traded at a high rate. Although it has been predicted that Tesla’s shares prices will go higher, yet it will prove to be a positive thing rather than being an alarming situation.