Lam Research, Tesla, and more Companies Making Stock Price Moves


When starting off with today’s list of companies demonstrating significant highs/lows, the first company is Lam Research. According to reports, Lam Research’s share prices experienced an over a 2% drop in extended trading. Just like other companies sharing their earnings, Lam Research also went ahead with its own performance, which ended up being a disappointment. The semiconductor manufacturing company confirmed that its earnings outcomes were disappointing for the respective quarter.

For the fiscal first quarter, Lam Research reported that it had intended to generate revenue worth $4.322 billion. However, the semiconductor manufacturing company was only able to generate revenue worth $4.304 billion for the respective quarter. Despite the disappointing performance in terms of revenue, the company’s share prices did experience a rise throughout the particular quarter.

The second company on the list is the largest electric car manufacturing company in the world, Tesla. The company is set to experience a significant rise in the stock markets after sharing its expectations earnings report for Q3 2021. The company revealed that it beat both the revenue and earnings expectations set by the analysts. Tesla’s first half of 2021 was plagued by huge losses in share prices due to huge manufacturing, quality, and software faults. In the second half of 2021, Tesla is determined to change the situation entirely.

The company has revealed that in the last quarter of 2021, the company’s increase in earnings/revenues was due to the automotive business and overall growth. The electric car manufacturing company reported that compared to Q3 2020, Q3 of 2021 saw a 30.5% increase in gross margins for the automotive business. Similarly, for the overall business, a 26.6% increase was recorded in gross margins.

Pinterest has found itself in the list but is accompanied by a huge loss in premarket trading. The reports confirm that the social media company’s share prices experienced over a 13.2% fall. It happened due to reports coming in about the company being acquired by the electronic payment services platform, PayPal. However, as PayPal confirmed that it was not at all in the process of acquiring Pinterest, its share prices went from an uptrend to a downtrend.

It was being rumored that PayPal was in the process of acquiring Pinterest at a price of $45 billion. However, PayPal’s statement has led to a huge tumble in the share prices for Pinterest. On the other hand, PayPal seems to have gained from the entire matter as it recorded a 6.1% increase in share prices.

Then there is the consumer products company, Kimberly-Clark which observed its share prices going down by 3% in the premarket trading. It happened because the consumer products company shared the earnings report for the third quarter of 2021. The company reported it managed to generate earnings worth $1.62 per share, 3 cents below the estimations set by the analysts.