Iran to Expedite Uranium Enrichment by 20%


As per the recent updates, the Iranian Government has dropped concerning news that has powerful countries from around the world talking. It was just last week when the Government of Iran stated that it is planning to enrich its Uranium. As per sources, Iran plans on enriching its Uranium up to 20% and wants to execute its plan at the earliest.

The Government of Iran has confirmed that the Uranium enrichment will be taking place in its underground nuclear facility located in Fordo. The Government of Iran has made this announcement after the tensions that had arisen between Iran and the United States.

As a result of the feud between the countries, President Donald Trump’s administration had given some very clear warning to Iran. Trump’s administration had even threatened Iran that it would resort to imposing sanctions on the country.

In order to show its seriousness, the United States of America even withdrew from the Tehran Nuclear deal back in 2018.

After the withdrawal of the United States from the Tehran Nuclear deal, the United States Government has become very aggressive against Iran. After the withdrawal, a series of incidents started taking place in Iran, in which the United States was openly involved. One of the most prominent incidents took place in Baghdad a year back. In the incident, it was one of the top generals of the Iranian Army that ended up losing his life to a drone attack. The United States of America confirmed that the attack was indeed carried out by one of its drones.

As the anniversary of the death of the Iranian General approaches, the United States of America grows concerned. The American administration is currently fearing that it may end up facing retaliation from the Iranian Government against the attack.

It was about ten years ago when the Government of Iran had announced that it was planning to enrich its Uranium by 20%. At that time, the Government of Israel had almost attacked Iran to take down its nuclear facilities.

At that time, things had started becoming escalated between the countries. The United States of America alongside the rest of the nuclear power countries were pressuring Iran over the Uranium reserves.

However, the situation was abated only after an atomic deal was signed by Iran and the rest of the nuclear power countries back in 2015.

Now after five years, the Government of Iran has again opened the same Pandora box. However, this time, things may work out in favor of Iran if the situation does not become the same as five years ago.

As the entire world is currently fighting with its internal challenges due to the huge economic loss due to the pandemic, there are chances that the countries may not pay that much attention to Iran.