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InvestingCrypto Review

InvestingCrypto logoIncentivized by the wide range of opportunities emerging across the crypto industry, InvestingCrypto is one of the few brands that has managed to develop a competitive trading offer, keeping both expert and beginner traders in mind. Everyone should be able to trade on these innovative assets and that is why a simple-to-use interface was required.

Out of this belief, this broker developed its proprietary software and integrated numerous other benefits that are now appreciated by existing customers. The cryptocurrency market grows in popularity and now the question is whether InvestingCrypto is the right place to be for traders focused on this market.

What makes InvestingCrypto special?

  • A proprietary platform – customization is key for the broker and the development of a proprietary platform represents one of the biggest achievements. InvestingCrypto has been receiving positive feedback, mainly due to this trading solution. Simple to use and yet packed with many tools, it is the right platform to trade crypto or any other major asset class.
  • Rich crypto asset selection – although traders have access to popular assets (FX, shares, indices, and commodities), InvestingCrypto differentiates itself from competitors via the crypto coverage. Tens of tokens are currently part of the asset list, unlocking wider possibilities across altcoins that are growing in popularity and market share.

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  • Professional support – InvestingCrypto stands by its customer and ensures proper customer support as well as assistance from account managers. During working hours, any individual can get fast answers to any inquiry.
  • Transparency – ensuring transparency should be part of any broker’s work strategy. In the case of InvestingCrypto, there are several policies listed on the website and by reading them users can find out more about how the company conducts its activities.
  • Affordability – there are 5 account types available when working with InvestingCrypto, the Basic one being the most affordable. Any person can get started with a small amount and see what this broker is capable of.

Educating Traders

On top of the competitive trading features, InvestingCrypto puts a great emphasis on educating traders. All customers willing to allocate time for this, have access to a variety of resources, regardless of the account type chosen. They can learn the basics and gradually expand their knowledge. This leads to better market analysis, more accurate trading, professional risk management, and the right mindset needed to thrive in a highly competitive environment.

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Is InvestingCrypto a secure broker?

Security has not been ignored by InvestingCrypto and the advanced technologies integrated into the WebTrader grant protection for both personal data and finances. Traders can rest assured that unauthorized access to their accounts is not possible as long as login credentials remain private.

At the same time, the long list of policies set up by the broker provide added trust. Trading cryptocurrencies with InvestingCrypto is more secure and reliable as compared to traditional exchange platforms. In this case, traders don’t need wallets because they buy and sell derivatives based on crypto.