Incoming Airline Flights from Singapore barred from Hong Kong


As per the latest reports, Hong Kong has barred any incoming commercial flights from Singapore. It has been confirmed that Singapore Airlines have been confirmed by Hong Kong for sending flights to the country until mid of April 2021.

The Hong Kong officials have revealed that they have made this decision as a precautionary measure against Covid-19 cases. As per reports, a flight passenger arriving from Singapore was tested positive for Covid-19 at a Hong Kong airport.

The Hong Kong officials have stated that this is not the first incident they have observed by Singapore Airlines. Before the recent incident, they had identified three passengers coming in through the same carrier who were not following the measurements for the disease precautions.

This incident had taken place back on March 31, 2021, but the Hong Kong officials had made a note of it. They had reported the incident to the concerned teams at Singapore Airlines to take proper actions and ensure adherence to the precautions.

As another case emerged after the first incident, then the Hong Kong authorities had no choice but to bar Singapore flights from flying and landing in Hong Kong.

Singapore Airlines have also confirmed this report and have stated that they will be complying with the restriction imposed by Hong Kong. However, the flow of passengers from Hong Kong to Singapore will not be affected at all.

Singapore Airlines have also confirmed that Hong Kong has imposed the restrictions on commercial flights until April 16, 2021. After that, Singapore Airlines will be able to continue sending commercial flights over to Hong Kong without any delays or restrictions.

The Singapore authorities have also provided full information around the matter for the passenger who tested positive with the infection. According to the authorities, the transit passenger had boarded the flight “SQ882” and had been tested negative with Coronavirus infection at the Singapore airport.

However, as the passenger landed at the Hong Kong airport, the test for the passenger was confirmed as positive with Coronavirus infection.

The SIA has confirmed that it has taken full notice of the situation and will take all the measures in order to make sure something like this is not repeated.

The authorities will take all necessary measurements to ensure all proper checks are in place and not flawed at all. They will be strengthening all the points where the passengers are tested for the Coronavirus infection and take necessary actions.

The SIA has also ensured that it will be adhering and complying with all the regulatory policies that have been demanded by the Hong Kong authorities before any passengers board the plane.

As for the three passengers from back on March 31, 2021, they were all tested negative for the Coronavirus.