Hackers Grow Fierce Every Passing Day, Adding Devastating New Targets


Ever since the beginning of the year 2021, hackers have become extremely active. There have been several hack reports made by several companies and people from all over the world. However, hackers have become really active in the United States.

There was a time when the hackers would only go for small targets and not-so-significant infrastructures. In recent times, however, the hackers have upped their game and instead of going for smaller targets, they are going for big kills.

In recent months, their hack attempts have ended up closing down an entire infrastructure, affecting millions in the process. One of the major occurrences was the major gas pipeline that the hackers managed to take down.

Despite the pipeline company making several efforts and working with the federal agencies, it was not able to do anything. Instead, the company ended up paying the demanded ransom in order to re-instate its services.

Apart from the pipeline company, the hackers also managed to carry out cyberattacks on several government agencies. Then the hackers were able to carry out a successful hack attack on the water supply company in Florida City.

One of the recent cyberattacks carried out by the hackers was on the largest meat-producing company in the world. The company revealed that it was still in the process of establishing the amount of impact the recent hack had caused on the company’s data.

The way hackers are able to carry out is to take control of the computer systems and infrastructures controlling the facilities. Most of the time, these facilities are responsible for providing basic utilities to areas and regions. Therefore, such attempts end up affecting the entire supply chain and demand heavy ransoms to give control back to the company management.

Ransomware is something that has been going on for a long time so it is not that unusual. However, what is unusual about it is how the hackers are not doing the things and the targets they are choosing.

Now the hackers are boldly targeting physical business operations and critical infrastructure. As a result, the hackers are able to generate way more money than they are able to do with small hacks or ransomware attempts.

According to many cyber-security firms, the major reason behind such hacks is the pandemic. Due to the pandemic, businesses had to be operated from homes, meaning it was being done remotely. Therefore, the hackers have several backdoors they could use to carry out attacks.

Due to remote/virtual connectivity, businesses have become vulnerable and hackers find it a blessing for themselves. Despite doing what they can, the companies are not able to ensure the same level of security and protection that could at their facilities.