Gojek Plans to Expand Its Services Outside Indonesia


Gojek is one of the most successful ride-hailing services that has gained a lot of success and is widely used in Indonesia. The company started its business from its home base in Indonesia with a lot of success and adoption throughout the country.

The co-founder and CEO of the company Kevin Aluwi stated on January 27, 2021, that they are planning to expand their service outside of Indonesia. Their plan is also to expand their service internationally just like some major companies that are providing the same kind of services.

Aluwi stated that the main focus of their company is to expand their business outside of Indonesia and they are planning to do it before the end of the running year.

He also revealed that it is not something that has planned in the air but is very serious about it. Aluwi stated that they have added the expansion of their services internationally in their Davos Agenda.

He stated that in the past years, they have invested in their services and business outside of Indonesia. But they have not done it on a larger scale but at a very small scale. However, the company has decided that 2021 would be the year when the company will be expanding its services and coverage on the international platform.

The company’s resolution for the running year is to expand its services and gain global exposure as well as a global business.

Gojek has been around in the rider hailing business for over a decade now as it started operating back in 2010. The company started its business from its very homeland Indonesia and amassed a lot of recognition and success.

Over the course of time, Gojek has added new products and services to its portfolio. It is currently known for providing services in branches such as digital payments, logistics, and food delivery.

So far, Gojek has expanded its services into 200 cities across several countries in Southeast Asia. Still, Indonesia remains its top market for providing all the services to the citizens.

Aluwi stated that the majority of the countries and cities Gojek served were greatly affected due to the pandemic. However, the situation has started getting better for the cities and countries, and business has started to pick up.

He added that Gojek has also suffered a lot due to the pandemic as its biggest market “Indonesia” has been hit hard by the pandemic. The country has been hit hard due to the coronavirus outbreak and is making all the efforts to bring the situation under control.

Even the businesses in Indonesia have experienced huge set-backs due to the pandemic and they are struggling to make a comeback. Although the delivery service is booming in Indonesia, yet the most profitable “ride-hailing” service is still suffering due to restrictions.