GMC Just Unveiled its 2024 Hummer SUV and it is Big


It was towards the end of 2020 when GMC had unveiled its electric pick for the GMC Hummer. During the unveiling, the head of GMC brands and Buick, Duncan Aldred had hinted that they had another surprise for the enthusiasts.

However, at that time, the only hint he gave was for the GMC Hummer enthusiasts to anticipate the SUV version of GMC Hummer as well. With this hint, Aldred had hinted that they are not neglecting or ignoring the SUV space for the GMC Hummer.

They gave very high hopes to the GMC Hummer enthusiasts who always wished they would be able to get their hands on an all-electric GMC Hummer SUV in near future.

So, the wait is finally over and the GMC Hummer enthusiasts have finally been given confirmation of the SUV version of the vehicle.

GMC has unveiled the new GMC Hummer electric SUV in a most dramatic manner. The unveiling was done by GMC on Saturday, April 10, 2021, in the form of a 60-second long video. According to the viewers, LeBron James did the narration of the video during a basketball game taking place between Baylor and Houston.

GMC has confirmed that the actual advertisement for the GMC Hummer SUV is longer than a minute. The company has revealed that enthusiasts or interested people can watch the full advertisement of the SUV at

GMC has revealed that the GMC Hummer Pickup and the GMC Hummer SUV would be the first-ever electric vehicles launched by GMC that will have electric batteries installed in them.

The company has confirmed that this is just the beginning and the first venture into the electric vehicle sector by GMC, but it plans on adding an entire fleet of EVs in the coming years.

GMC is the only company in the entire world that has announced that it plans to become all-electric by 2035. This is the reason why it plans to launch as many EVs in 14 years’ time as possible.

GMC announced that it plans on becoming a zero-emission company by 2035 and the first years of development and technological advancement are extremely important.

By coming up with the Hummer vehicles, GMC is aiming to gain a lot of prominence and customer demand in the heavy-duty and off-road vehicles sector.

With the new Hummer SUVs and pickups, the company aims to deliver high-performance and attention-grabbing vehicles to enthusiasts. The company has also mocked other electric car manufacturing companies stating it manufactures vehicles that are heavy-duty and not used for day-to-day chores.

When it comes to introducing SUVs that are fully electric, Ford is also following in the footsteps of GMC as it recently unveiled Mustang Mach-E.