Global Solution – An Extraordinary Crypto Brokerage or Yet Another Let Down? (2022 Review)


Global Solution Review

If you have been searching for the right crypto site and are still left unsatisfied, you are certainly not alone. Time and time again we see brokerages make the same mistakes, and things like tedious sign-up processes, slow executions, and lacking software are rampant, deterring traders from joining their ranks.

Luckily, because of the fact that there are now so many different traders out there, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Let’s take a look to see if Global Solution is one of these exceptions.

Extremely User-Friendly

One area where Global Solution truly shines is with its easy-to-use systems and user-friendly appearance.

Everything you come across on the Global Solution site seems easy to understand, and even beginners can get a grasp on some of the most complex functions they offer thanks to their informative descriptions and simple interface.

For example, they have a ‘how to perform analysis’ page that explains the core concepts of tracking the market for absolute beginners, and they even have a dedicated blog that details all the latest news surrounding crypto, so beginners in the industry can keep in the loop.

In addition to this, they have also streamlined their registration process into a simple 3 step set-up, making it extremely inviting to anyone looking to sign up for their services.

Global Solution is a veteran trading brand, with a few good years of experience in the industry, and because of this, it really seems that they know exactly what their users want.

In turn, this leads to them offering a myriad of amenities that are tailored to those looking for an all-inclusive experience. Once again, it seems that they have created a one-stop shop for trading, with the goal of becoming the only broker their users work with (instead of going back and forth between different websites).

Advanced tracking tools, live market data, an impressive variety of assets, mobile functionality, 24/5 support – all part of the offer. Quite impressive, we must say.


If you are looking for a crypto broker that offers you everything all from one place but does not focus only on crypto, Global Solution just might be the right option for you. Global Solution manages to provide users with a high standard of service. Their customer support team is truly prompt and professional.

That’s not to say there aren’t any downsides. We found their explanation of their security system to be rather confusing, and we believe a more in-depth description of exactly how they keep their users safe would be a welcomed addition by many.

However, in the grand scheme of things, Global Solution is an excellent site, and we would have no issue recommending them to anyone in the industry.