Friction between India and America over the Russian S-400 Defense Systems


For a very long time, the United States and India have managed to stay on each other’s good sides. According to the global analysts and diplomats, India and the United States of America have remained friends. However, it seems that the situation between the two countries is now starting to take a bad turn.

When it comes to being on good terms, India is also on very good terms with Russia. But the problem is that Russia and America are on really bad terms with one another. When it comes to the relation between the USA and Russia, both countries seem to hold each other responsible for anything bad that takes place on their soils.

Somehow, India’s hunger for power and supremacy in the continent is coming at the cost of losing its long-time allies and friends.

According to the recent news, India has been given a clear answer by the United States related to a waiver. The United States administration has stated that it is almost impossible for India to acquire the waiver for acquisition from Russia.

It has been revealed that India is in the process of acquiring S-400 air defense systems from Russia and requires a waiver from the United States in order to proceed with the acquisition.

The United States of America has also hinted that if India proceeds with the acquisition, it may end up facing sanctions from the United States. India may end up getting the same treatment that Turkey has faced for buying the equipment from Russia.

In light of the above, India has been facing a lot of pressure from Trump’s administration. The Trump administration has been pressuring India to drop the deal with Russia for the acquisition of the S-400 Defense Systems.

If India gives in to the pressure, then the $5.5 billion deal between India and Russia will be dropped, bringing an end to the five missile systems that it is acquiring from India. According to analysts from both countries and around the world, if India wants to avoid a diplomatic crisis, then it needs to comply with American expectations.

It has been revealed that India did not manage to get a waiver from the United States for the 2017 law. The law was passed back in 2017, which prohibited countries from buying any military hardware from Russia.

For India, the situation has become tougher because once Biden takes charge of the office, then it will impose even tougher conditions and rulings against Russia. Therefore, any countries making military hardware deals with Russia would also be caught up in the whirlpool.

The deal between Russia and India comes after a clash between the Chinese and Indian armies. India wants to make sure it has the required technology to keep itself safe from Chinese missiles.