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Freelancers to Get Huge Benefits from Crypto-Network

Freelancers to Get Huge Benefits from Crypto-Network

In the past couple of years, the freelancing business has been observing a huge amount of growth in its user-base and demand. As the internet platform became a common household facility, it also provided people with the opportunity of running businesses and working from home.

Over the course of time, online platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelance have gained a lot of popularity and user base. The majority of the users these platforms have are freelancers from different sectors who are looking for projects outsourced to them. Then there are clients who look for freelancers to do their tasks for rates lower than their local markets.

However, with the passage of time, these platforms have become business-centric rather than being customer-centric. Now, instead of facilitating freelancers, these companies have started charging huge transaction fees. Some of the companies may even charge up to 30% of the freelancers’ total earnings.

This is why working for these companies is now becoming difficult for freelancers to work in. As the cryptocurrency industry has been created for the well-being of the users, this is why the industry has started focusing on the freelancing sector.

Just recently, a freelancing site backed by the crypto-technology has made a claim in regards to its services. It claims that it is providing opportunities to thousands of freelancers to offer their services and make a good amount of money. This platform is specifically beneficial for users that are currently unable to find any work on either of the major freelancing platforms.

The site ‘AnyTask’ has also commented on the basic challenges that the freelancing community faces when using major platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr etc. It states that there are many talented and skilled individuals out there in the market who prefer offering their services on a freelancing platform. However, they are unable to work on these platforms as they do not have any bank accounts.

Just because of this obstacle, such talented people are deprived of the benefit of making money through online sources. The site also stated that even if these individuals do have bank accounts, then the second obstacle is processing fees that are charged by the platforms.

There are many individuals on these sites who belong to nations who live on less than $5 per day. However, firms like Fiverr and Upwork have completely ignored these facts and tend to charge a lot of fees to these innocent freelancers.

However, AnyTask boasts its care for the freelancing community claiming that it charges zero fees to its freelancers. This means that the freelancers get to keep all their earnings made through particular tasks.

As far as the bank accounts are concerned, the users get paid in ETN that is the cryptocurrency powered by Electroneum.