For About 90 Minutes, Cuba Lost Internet and Phone Connections


Out of all the countries in the entire world, a country widely disconnected from the rest of the world is Cuba. For several decades, the country has faced an enormous number of sanctions and restrictions from the United States of America.

Whenever it came to Cuba, the United States always had things go in its way with the support of its allies. The country is plagued by the enormous amount of government actions that have led to many sanctions.

However, the country is now slowly developing itself and becoming part of the global technology. In recent years, the country has also found a way to experience decent growth and success.

On Friday, February 12, 2021, the entire country faced a huge outage that affected all the sectors and households. It has been reported that internet connections, as well as the telephone connections in the entire country, went down.

Although the disconnection and outage were nationwide, yet there were no witnesses that reported any kind of power outages or cut off.

According to sources, all the internet connections and the telephone lines in the country went down at around 17:00 GMT. The issue had been recorded and reported by three major provinces as well as Havana.

It has been confirmed by the Cuban Government that the telephone communications were established within 90 minutes. On the other hand, internet connections around the country were established within 100 minutes.

The monopoly for state telecommunications, ETECSA provided clarification on the matter. The firm reported that it was due to a technical interruption that the entire country ended up facing a huge disconnection for all types of internet connections.

It was only back in 2018 when the country run by communists started connecting all its population and businesses through telephones and internet connection. The country recently introduced smartphones that are now providing the citizens the opportunity to the entire world through connections.

The government has revealed that when the internet all across the country went down, there were almost 11.2 million citizens in the country that were connected to the internet through their smartphones.

On the other hand, there were only 170,000 households that were connected through the internet when the services went down in the entire country.

Over so many sanctions and difficult times, the country has now started coming on the right track. The country has been trying to cover for all the loss with the adoption of difficult technologies and alternatives.

It has been revealed that the country has been adopting Bitcoin (BTC) technology on a large scale. The Cubans living outside of the country are resorting to Bitcoin (BTC) for the remittance process and leaving behind traditional banking systems.