First-Ever Hair Salon to be opened by Amazon in London


It was back in 1994 when Amazon was founded and in 1996, Jeff Bezos reportedly back the CEO of the company. Initially, Amazon had started as an online bookstore where people could purchase their favorite books.

After that, Amazon only looked ahead and expanded its services and products from mere books. Since its launch now, Amazon has become the largest e-commerce platform in the entire world. The company has gained so much success and brought in so much fortune that Jeff Bezos ended up being the richest man in the entire world.

Even today, Jeff Bezos has the title of being the richest man in the entire world. Apart from e-commerce, Amazon endeavored in several market and technological sectors. Over the course of time, Amazon has launched a number of products as well as AWS that have been adopted all over the world by major companies.

Just recently, Amazon had announced that it was in the process of launching its supermarkets. Amazon has revealed it is currently in the process of opening supermarkets in two different states of the United States.

Amazon has already launched a small shopping mart in Europe and is planning to expand the business in major parts of Europe.

However, this is not the only field in that Amazon is attempting to make its presence known but it is also targeting an entirely different sector. According to the reports, Amazon has announced that it is interested in opening hair salons in different locations around the world.

The announcement around Amazon launching its first Amazon hair salon was made on Tuesday, April 20, 2021. Amazon has also revealed the first site where it will be launching its first hair salon. The tech giant has reported it will be launching its first-ever hair salon in England, and that the first city would be East London.

The company has revealed that it will also be marketing some of the products through the hair salon. The e-commerce giant has confirmed that these products are already available through Amazon’s online stores.

The company has hinted that it also plans to explore more sectors in order to promote and do marketing of other products that are already available through its stores.

According to local media sources in East London, the hair salon will be based on two stories and the building will be located in Spitalfields. According to the locals, it is one of the most trendy districts in the entire East London. The district is popularly known among the citizens of East London for its restaurants and lavish shopping malls.

Amazon has announced it is planning to launch its first hair salon in the particular district in the next 7 weeks’ time.