FinexArena Review – Evaluating their Offerings


FinexArena Review

One of the most important things that can play a role in your success in the financial markets is your choice of broker. Every beginner needs a good platform and the best tools to be able to master the art of trading in these markets and this is the responsibility of a broker.

However, if they don’t do a good job of it, most traders will end up struggling and may not be able to survive in the long-term. Obviously, when you are putting in the time and effort to enter the trading space, you want to succeed. Therefore, you have to do your homework and make the right choice.

The challenge is that there are hundreds of companies offering their trading services, which can often make it overwhelming for traders. How do you pick the best option for your needs? You can make this decision by evaluating the offerings of a broker that appeals to you. One of the names that you will find during your search is FinexArena, which was founded by IBZ Holdings Ltd. in 2018. It is a forex and CFD (Contract for Difference) broker, which is relatively new in the market, but it seems to have a positive reputation.

Nonetheless, you need to evaluate its offerings before you can make up your mind about it. Let’s get started:

Asset Index at FinexArena

Always begin your evaluation of a broker’s services with their asset index. If they don’t offer you what you wish to trade, there is no point in looking at anything else. When it comes to FinexArena’s asset index, you will find out that they have something to offer to everyone. They offer more than 200 trading instruments to their clients, which belong to different financial markets, allowing people to diversify their investment portfolio as much as they want. You can trade forex currency pairs, such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF and more.

There are indices that can be traded, such as FTSE 100, S&P 500, Nasdaq and Down Jones. People can also access the stock market via FinexArena and trade stocks of companies like Apple, Google, Netflix, PayPal and Amazon. Commodities are also offered for those who prefer less volatile options and you can trade gold, silver, crude oil, coffee, corn and wheat. In addition, they have also added some of the top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum to their asset index.

Trading Platform at FinexArena

If the broker has the trading instruments you want to invest in, you can move onto their trading platform and see if it is up to the market. Since you will be interacting with this platform a great deal, you need to know if it is good enough. Luckily, FinexArena offers its clients the best offering in the market i.e. the MetaTrader4 trading platform. They have added different versions of this advanced and powerful trading solution, which is a great fit for newcomers and seasoned traders, alike.

You can download the MT4 desktop client on your device, use its WebTrader if you don’t wish to download anything or you can also go with the MT4 mobile trading apps for Android and iOS, if you prefer to trade on the go. Regardless of which version you use, one-click trading, instant trade execution, trading indicators, technical analysis tools and charting tools are part of the package.

Security Features at FinexArena

Security is a prominent concern for traders because your information and money could be compromised when you share them with a brokerage. FinexArena has implemented top-notch security features for providing their clients with peace of mind. They comply with the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) policies, use advanced encryption technologies for protecting sensitive and confidential data and follow account segregation protocols for protecting the funds deposited by their clients.

Along with these offerings, FinexArena also provides its clients with excellent trading conditions, a ton of tools, various account options and prompt customer support.