Facebook Gives One of the Best Benefits to its Employees at All Levels

US FTC Files Antitrust Case against Facebook

There was a time when the majority of the companies and industries had their employees work from their facilities. Things were doing very well until the COVID hit the entire world and the lockdowns took place. Initially, it took some time for the industries and companies to catch on but eventually, they ended up finding a solution to the problem.

As employees from all over the world were confined to their houses, therefore, the companies offered them the opportunity to work from home. For several months, the majority of the operations for companies from all over the world were carried out from people’s houses.

As the situation started normalizing, the governments and authorities started lifting the lockdowns. Now, the companies were allowed to call their employees back to the offices as usual, at least, it is what was expected in the first place.

However, the companies and industries had realized that the work from home method had worked out in their favor. Even after the distribution and administration of the vaccination, people are still afraid to get out of their houses.

When it comes to parents, they are afraid for their children’s health and are still preferring doing things from their homes. The best thing that has happened due to the pandemic is that the world has recognized there is no harm in letting people work from home.

Most importantly, the companies are able to generate more revenues because they do not have to pay many bills for the facilities/offices. This has worked out as a win, win situation for the companies and they are now willing to take the decision and let employees work from home.

While most of the companies are letting only a particular group of employees work from home, Facebook has taken things to the next level.

The tech giant has demonstrated that it is second to no other company when it comes to showing flexibility towards its employees. The tech giant has just officially announced a flexible work policy for its employees in regards to them working from home.

Facebook has announced that the policy is for employees from all levels so anyone working at Facebook has the option of doing it. Facebook made the announcement about the new policy on Wednesday, June 9, 2021.

Facebook has announced that starting June 15, 2021, the employees at Facebook would be able to request and work from home or remotely. The company has confirmed that the employees will be able to request it on a permanent basis.

The recent work policy is not subjected to lockdowns as a result of the COVID. The employees would be able to avail the same option even after the COVID has ended. This is something that Facebook is offering on a permanent basis and not on a conditional basis.