Facebook Announced It would no Longer Remove Controversial Claims against COVID-19

US FTC Files Antitrust Case against Facebook

According to the latest reports, Facebook has made an official announcement in regards to COVID posts. The tech giant has revealed that it is no longer going to remove any posts related to the claims of the spread of coronavirus. Ever since the pandemic hit the world, there have been so many controversies and claims in regards to the spread of the Coronavirus.

While the majority of the people go with the facts provided by the Chinese health organizations and the world health organization (WHO). There are others that have come up with their own theories and claims around the spread of the coronavirus.

In a matter of months, many theories have popped up surrounding the nature of the pandemic. However, one of the most popular and controversial claims is the one where the claimants say that coronavirus is a creation of man.

The announcement from Facebook comes right after the one made by The White House. In the announcement, it was reported that Joe Biden has issued an order for the US intelligence community to increase its efforts for the origins of COVID-19.

The President of the United State has issued a direct order towards the intelligence community. In this order, the community has been asked to expedite the process of finding the origin of COVID-19. He has asked them to increase their efforts and get to the bottom of the pandemic at the earliest.

Ever since the pandemic hit the United States of America, the country has stuck to its claim about China artificially creating the coronavirus. Even Donald Trump’s administration claimed that China is involved in creating the virus in its labs and sending it to the country on purpose.

In the light of the above developments, Facebook has come up with its own claim and view surrounding the handling of such posts. A spokesperson from Facebook clarified Facebook’s stance in regards to the matter during a CNN interview held on Wednesday, June 2, 2021.

The spokesperson clarified now that the government of the United States is looking into the matter, they must wait for the outcome. The US Government alongside the intelligence community and public health experts is trying to get to the bottom of this.

While the government of the United States looks into the possibility, Facebook has decided that it will not remove such claims and posts from its platform. Therefore, until the government of the United States comes to the final conclusion of the matter, Facebook will not remove COVID-19’s man-made allegations from its platforms.

The spokesperson also confirmed that they are constantly working with the regulatory authorities as well as the health experts to get updated news on the matter.