EU and Boris Johnson Ready to Go an Extra Mile for the Brexit Talks


The recent developments related to the Brexit Talks are now appearing to be a good thing for the people who had their reservations about the Brexit trade. It has been revealed that the President and the European Commission are yet to come to a final decision regarding the Brexit matter.

Just this Sunday, a joint statement was released by the President of the European Commission and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdoms ‘Boris Johnson’. As per the statement, both parties talked at length with each other regarding the developments and the processes involved in the Brexit trade.

Both parties discussed the key matters and the issues they are facing and informed each other that they are still unresolved. They also confirmed that both of them have agreed to introduce new/fresh negotiations to clear out any issues. The PM of the UK and the President of the European Commission have both confirmed that they will carry on with the negotiations until a historic trade deal is reached.

The Guardian Newsgroup has been able to provide more information around the talks that took place between both groups.

The Guardian News has confirmed that as per their sources, progress is currently being made on the Brexit matter. It has been confirmed by the sources that the conversation took place directly between the Prime Minister of the UK and the President of the European Commission.

The joint statement released by the PM of the UK and the President of the European Commission also commended the contribution of the teams involved in the Brexit trade.

The statement stated that negotiating teams from both sides have been putting in all their efforts now the year 2021 is almost at the doorstep. The Brexit trade negotiations have been taken place for more than a year now and several deadlines have been missed during the negotiations process.

However, the negotiating teams have still tried their best to keep up and are working with full dedication and responsibility to this day. The statement also mentioned that although the negotiations are still underway, the negotiating teams are still willing to go the extra mile. There is not a single instance where the negotiating teams have become lazy or complained about so much pressure.

Although there are reports of progress between the two parties, yet the UK Prime Minister has made one thing very clear. He stated that they are doing whatever they can do come to a neutral ground with the European Commission. But they will not be making any compromises when it comes to the very basic and fundamental meaning of the Brexit trade.

He stated that for UK, Brexit means the ability to control their fisheries and their own laws, which is of utmost importance in the Brexit trade negotiations.