Electric Car from Mercedes Comes with Nostalgic Design and Exciting Mileage


When it comes to being the top electric car manufacturing company in the entire world, there is no company that comes to mind but Tesla. It may be true that Tesla currently has the flag for being the top electric car manufacturing company, yet other companies are catching up to it.

Surprisingly, the other companies are no minor car manufacturing companies but giant manufacturers. Some of the prominent car manufacturing companies currently competing with Tesla are BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, General Motors, and many more.

These companies have been around in the car manufacturing industry for several decades and some companies are even older than a century. Due to their long history in the car manufacturing industry, it will not be easy for Tesla to continue producing cars without facing any challenge from these companies.

It is now clear to Tesla that these companies will be giving a tough time to top electric car manufacturing companies in the coming years.

This is why Tesla has upped its game in autonomous cars, a technology that would allow the cars to drive automatically.

However, Tesla now has another challenger that has introduced exciting features in its new electric car model. The company is a condiment that these cool features will be able to catch the eye of many electric enthusiastic and brand-conscious individuals.

The name of the challenger is none other than one of the top luxury car manufacturing companies from Germany, Mercedes. As per the latest reports, Mercedes has just unveiled a new vehicle that is one of its most luxurious and largest electric cars.

During the unveiling, Mercedes has confirmed that the name of the new Mercedes electric car model is “Mercedes EQS”.  According to Mercedes, the new Mercedes EQS vehicle is an all-electric car that is set to be equivalent to the S-Class Sedan model of Mercedes. The Mercedes S-Class Sedan is one of the most popular and highly demanded cars ever launched by Mercedes.

Mercedes has revealed that the Mercedes EQS has been designed to provide the most luxurious and spacious experience to the people inside the car.

The company has tried giving it a nostalgic feeling by incorporating a design similar to the S-Class Sedan models from the ’90s. Mercedes has confirmed that in order to keep the car on the ground at speeds above 75 MPH, the car automatically lowers itself.

If the car goes above the speed limit of 100 MPH, the car lowers even further to ensure that it remains on the road even at a high speed. Mercedes has revealed that the EQS car has the ability to run up to 480 miles on a single charge.