DXCBIT Review – An Exchange Trying to Offer Convenience in Trading and Learning



When it comes to the online trading industry, there are several online trading service providers providing services at their own level. There are several online trading service providers that have an ocean of knowledge and information that they can. Unfortunately, the majority of these exchanges do not have what it takes to organize such content in a manner that is convenient for you. This is where my DXCBIT review will come in handy showing how the exchange has organized information related to online trades in a precise manner.

Compliance with Regulatory Guidelines

DXCBIT is dedicated to providing you with a highly regulated trading environment. The exchange achieves this by adhering to the AML and KYC guidelines. These regulations define the handling of privacy and finance-based data, in line with the AML and KYC policies.

Basic, Silver, and more Trading Accounts by DXCBIT

DXCBIT provides you with four trading accounts that are suitable to your trading needs and knowledge of the trading markets. You can choose the basic account if you are new to trades, silver if you have some knowledge around trades. You can go with gold if you are experienced, and platinum if you are a pro in online trades. The choice is yours and the welcome bonus is for DXCBIT to give you as a token of appreciation, and to motivate you.

Support is Available through Multiple Modalities

DXCBIT offers diversity even when it offers you real-time support. The first major advantage of DXCBIT is that the customer support it offers is available 24-7, while most of the exchanges only offer 24-5 support. The second advantage you have through DXCBIT is that it offers you support through all known modalities that include landline, email, and chat support. You can even request for the support professionals to write or call you back by submitting a form through DXCBIT’s website.

Deposits and Withdrawals via DXCBIT

If you wish to make a deposit for any account at DXCBIT, you can do it using your Visa Card or MasterCard. If you are looking for more virtual options, then you have Bitcoin Wallet, Cashu, and Skrill that you can use to make a deposit.

Similarly, you can use the options when making a withdrawal, but have to be patient, as your withdrawal may take up to 4 working days to be processed.

Educational Exposure at DXCBIT

At DXCBIT, it is not just the trades that you get exposure to, but you also gain exposure to trading education. DXCBIT has put together a vast amount of educational content that covers the online trading industry. The major components at DXCBIT for the educational content include courses for online trades and interactions with other trades in webinars. Furthermore, the analysts at DXCBIT share their insights and knowledge with you through 1-on-1 training sessions.

Major Perk of Siding with DXCBIT

If you start trading with DXCBIT, then the major perk you will have access to would be the trading tools. These tools can come in real handy whether you are performing trades or are about to do it. The trading tools such as trading tools, trading signals, market analysis reports, and more, help clear your decision-making while performing trades. This is something extra that DXCBIT prides itself in offering you.

Web-Based/MT4 Trading Platforms and Trading Instruments

If you are trading with DXCBIT, you will have access to two trading platforms. The first platform is web-based, meaning you do not have to download it to use it, and can access it from anywhere. The second trading platform is MT4, which itself is a terminal, and operates through independent software on your operating system. Both platforms let you trade in all major trading instruments such as cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, commodities, forex, and more.

Ending Thoughts

In the online trading industry, you will come across many trading service providers, making all sorts of promises. However, the exchange or a service provider not making any promises in terms of your profits and gains would be the right choice. When choosing a platform, keep in mind that it does not make false claims about doubling your profits or investments. The right platform would never make such promises and focus on your grooming and convenience.