Despite Facebook’s Efforts, COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation Posts Keep Coming Back


It has been more than two months since the United States of America announced the vaccinations for the COVID-19. Since then, the country has rolled out the largest vaccination campaign in its entire history. However, there have been many elements and people involved in derailing the vaccination attempts being made in the country.

There are many that have been posting numerous comments and pictures on social media platforms trying to derail the vaccinations. The main goal of posting such content is to create discomfort and terror among the masses. This would eventually make people lose confidence and trust in the governments and a huge proportion of the U.S. population may end up being deprived of the vaccinations.

When it comes to social media platforms, Instagram easily became a platform that was used by the anti-vaccination people. They used the platform to talk bad and negative about the COVID-19 vaccination campaigns. This already caused a lot of terror and concerns in major parts of the population in the United States.

While the anti-vaccination accounts could easily be found on Instagram, Facebook, however, is trying its best to get rid of the problem. Unfortunately, this problem does not seem to be going away as there are many individuals and groups that are still at-large in derailing the vaccination programs.

This is not the first instance where Facebook is found fighting off the negative and misinforming content being shared by certain individuals and groups through the platform.

It was back in 2018 when Facebook had announced that it will be doing anything necessary in the regulatory guidelines to prohibit anti-vaccination content.

Following the above claim, the platform has been making constant efforts and trying to keep the situation under control. Despite the platform trying to get rid of the misinformation, more content just keeps piling up with more accounts and pages.

According to the stats released by Facebook, four out of the top ten search results on Instagram were for accounts that were involved in spreading misinformation against vaccinations.

The names of the four search results against vaccination were “vaccine freedom”, “cv19vaccinereactions”, “antivaxx know the facts”, and “vaccine truth”.

The above was mainly reported by the smartphone users who started using the updated version of the Instagram application with a new search interface. It showcased three top creditable search results and also offered the “see more” option to the users. The users complained that when they clicked the “see more” option, the results related to anti-vaccination started showing up.

Many users have protested against the platform and have stated that the platform has just found a way around to keep spreading misinformation. They are now doing it by putting the mess under the rug and all the users are required to do is lift it and all the negative stuff is still there.