China has Slapped United Kingdom with New Sanctions


As per the latest reports, China has reportedly imposed new sanctions on entities from the United Kingdom. The media sources have reported that China has proceeded with the sanctions on Friday, March 26, 2021. While implementing sanctions over the entities from the UK, China has confirmed the reason for doing so.

The Chinese officials claimed that the UK has implemented sanctions on the individuals of China. While doing so, UK has accused the Chinese individuals of abusing the human rights of the people from Xinjiang. The Chinese officials have stated that all the allegations made by the UK officials over the Chinese individuals were based on disinformation and lies.

The sources have confirmed that the sanctions on the UK entities have been imposed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in China. It has been confirmed that there four entities from the United Kingdom that will be facing the sanctions. Apart from the four entities, there are nine other individuals who will be barred by the Chinese rules from doing or running any business on Chinese soil.

The Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry has also stated that the assets of these entities and individuals will be ceased and frozen in the country with immediate effect.

According to the analysts and observers, the recent sanctions imposed by the Chinese ministry on the UK entities is a step further than the sanctions they had imposed in the past.

Before imposing sanctions on the UK entities, the Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry had imposed sanctions on the politicians from the United States. In both impositions of sanctions, the Chinese Ministry has prohibited the entities from traveling into China and doing any business in the country.

The reports also suggest that the sanctions imposed against the UK entities involve individuals that are from human rights. It has been confirmed that the sanctions imposed on the human rights activists are from the Uyghur Muslims currently living in Xinjiang.

Xinjiang is an autonomous region in China that is home to Muslims from Uyghur. It is the Muslim minority in China that has been there for a very long time. According to United States, United Kingdom, United Nations, and many other countries, the Uyghur Muslims are currently repressed in China.

It was on Monday, March 22, 2021, when several countries imposed sanctions on the officials from China due to the same concern. The countries that have imposed sanctions on Chinese officials include Canada, United Kingdom, United States, and European Union.

This is the first group activity that has been taken by the countries from Europe and American regions since Joe Biden took the office as the 46th President of the United States.

Despite all the allegations, the Chinese government and officials have completely denied them.