CEOs of Microsoft and Google Pledge Support to India during the Pandemic

Asia Observes More Capital after the Global Coronavirus Emergency

While the entire world is moving towards fixing the pandemic and dealing with it for good, India seems to be having a bumpy ride doing so. The country is currently experiencing the worst time where it is losing thousands of lives on a daily basis.

At the time of writing, the total number of cases being reported by the Indian government on a daily basis has exceeded 400,000. The number of deaths is also increasing in India with every passing day.

Now the situation is getting even worse in India as the country is running out of medical supplies, hospital beds, and oxygen. At present, the most alarming situation in the country is the shortage of oxygen.

While the government of India has ignored the ongoing COVID-19 situation in the country, countries from all over the world are coming to help the people of India.

Despite all the political and military disputes, the country that offered its help to the people of India was Pakistan. Pakistan has already delivered oxygen supplies to India in order to make sure it could help as many people in India as possible.

Although Pakistan is itself observing many COVID-19 cases and problems due to the pandemic, it still went ahead and offered help to India. Even a non-profit rescue ambulance service from Pakistan called the “Edhi Foundation” has offered its help to the Indian government.

They even sent a letter to the Indian government offering 50 ambulances that Indians could use to bring patients to the hospitals.

Even the Indians living in foreign countries have started voicing their concerns over the Indian government’s way of handling the entire situation. However, they themselves are now determined to help their motherland as much as they can.

According to the latest reports, the major personalities who are CEOs at major tech giants are rushing to provide aid to India. The reports suggest that Microsoft’s Satya Nadella and Google’s Sundar Pichai are doing whatever they can to provide aid to their motherland.

Both personalities have stated that they are in touch with all their contacts in India to find exactly what the situation is in the country. They are very sad as well as concerned about the COVID-19 situation in the country.

Nadella and Pichai have both released separate statements around the current situation in India. They have both talked about how much shortage of oxygen the country is currently facing.

They have stated that they have already requested the corporate sectors in the United States to offer as much help and resources as they can to India in this time of need.

They also thanked the government of the United States for offering their help and delivering oxygen to India.