A Deal struck between Workers and Commerzbank CEO for Job Cuts

According to the latest reports, a deal has been struck between the employees and the Chief Executive of Commerzbank. The reports suggest that Manfred Knof, the CEO at Commerzbank, and the bank’s workers have...

A Big Chunk of Shares Dumped by a Major Tesla Investor

As per the latest reports, an investor at Tesla now has a change of mind in terms of the company’s share prices. The reports reveal how the investor has become bearish about the company’s...
Oil Fears Low Trade When OPEC Reduces Its Oil Demand

The Semi-Conductor in the Entire World is Getting Worse

In the last few weeks, industries from all over the world have started voicing their concerns over the shortage of chips. From the looks of it, the situation around the global shortage of semi-conductors...
Vaccine News Prompts Rally in Asian Shares But Signs of Weakness Emerge

Number of Daily COVID-19 Cases Still At Large, Court Demand Swift Actions

While countries from around the world continue sending aid and help to the Indian soil to fight off the pandemic, the situation is becoming direr in the country. Even the Indian entrepreneurs and influential...

Google Again Relaxes its Work from Home Program for the Employees

As per the latest reports, Google has announced that 20% of its employees will be allowed to stay and work from home. The company has announced that the new plan will be in place...

G-7 Invite India to their First In-Person Meeting Since the Pandemic

The G-7 invite India to their first summit since the Covid-19 pandemic, seeing India as a very important dialogue partner. S Jaishankar, the External Affairs Minister of India is on a four-day visit to the...

The Global Shift of Traditional Fuel Car Manufacturing Companies to All-Electric

In the last decade, the automobile industry has experienced a great shift. There was a time when the entire automobile industry was dominated by vehicles running on fuel engines. No other company was able...
Asia Observes More Capital after the Global Coronavirus Emergency

CEOs of Microsoft and Google Pledge Support to India during the Pandemic

While the entire world is moving towards fixing the pandemic and dealing with it for good, India seems to be having a bumpy ride doing so. The country is currently experiencing the worst time...

Amazon Shared its Ads Revenue Generation and Business is growing

Ever since the pandemic hit the world, the industry that has gained the most is none other than e-commerce. Almost every e-commerce platform has reported enormous gains from the pandemic period. Each platform has...

Amazon Shares Q1 2021 Sales Results and They Are Flying

On Thursday, April 29, the largest e-commerce and tech giant, Amazon made a huge announcement for its users and stakeholders. The tech giant went ahead and shared the sales results it achieved for the...
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