Canoo Has Unveiled an Electric Pickup and it Looks Cute


In the past, when it came to designing pickups and pickup trucks, there was one big problem of fitting the big engine in the body. That was the major reason why the pickups were always considered to be ugly vehicles.

However, as electric car technology has made it to the spotlight, things have started taking a different turn. Now, pickup manufacturing companies from around the world no longer have to worry about big engines. With this kind of freedom, the pickup designing companies now have the ability to make the outer-body and shape of the vehicles beautiful.

The companies that have come up with the most innovative designs for pickups are Tesla that has a beautiful Cyber-truck that is wedge-shaped. As there is no engine, then the company has made full use of the extra space and made it look elegant, futuristic, and special.

Then there is Rivian, which is backed by the largest e-commerce solution providing company, Amazon. It has been revealed that Rivian is planning to utilize the engine space and put a trunk there for the driver and others.

However, another electric car company known as Canoo, which is based in California has emerged with its unique design for the pickup truck. As per the latest reports, Canoo has just revealed a cab forward-designed pickup truck. It has been confirmed that with the new design, the driver will be sitting right on top of the front wheels of the pickup truck.

The viewers have revealed that the new pickup truck looks somewhat like a van as it has a flat front instead of having a hood. The company has revealed that doing so has provided it with ample space that it has utilized very smartly.

The company has also placed a bed on the pickup truck but has utilized the space very smartly. Doing so has made sure that the pickup truck does not look too large.

Canoo has revealed that the electric truck it is planning to commercialize is 184 inches long. This means that the pickup truck developed by Canoo is only a few inches longer than the Toyota Corolla. The company has claimed that the Canoo pickup truck will be significantly smaller than that of Tesla.

However, the bed that has been set up in the Canoo pickup truck is just 6 inches smaller than the bed in Tesla’s, which is also 6 feet and a few more inches longer than Canoo’s.

The company has revealed that the new pickup truck will not be able to accommodate as many passengers as Tesla’s cyber-truck does. However, the bed for the Canoo pickup truck can still be extended into two more feet for further convenience.