British Parliament Approves Post Brexit EU Trade Deal


On Wednesday, with only one day to go, British Parliament emphatically approved a trade deal with the EU. The trade deal will be the final nail in the UK’s harsh and conflicting struggle to complete Brexit. This deal will orderly part UK from the EU bloc.

The agreement of the trade deal between UK and EU was passed by the House of Commons with 521-73 votes.

The Pro-Brexit members of UK’s parliament had been glorifying it as independent from EU bloc. The Brexit supporters had been saying that they had reclaimed their long-lost independence. On the other hand, pro-Europeans had shown their disapproval by marking it as a great loss for UK. They specifically stated that they had lost their biggest trade partner. However, the majority of the Commons agreed that instead of a disorderly break from the EU, this wouldn’t adversely affect the economy.

The Upper Chamber of UK Parliament, House of Lords, on the eve of Wednesday, also approved the trade deal with EU. Now the only formality that needs to be fulfilled is that the deal would require royal assent from the Queen.

It had approximately been a year since the withdrawal of UK from EU and the European Atomic Energy Community. However, UK remained within the economic bloc of EU which officially came to an end a day before the new year.

Earlier, Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel, Presidents of European Commission and European Council respectively, had executed the agreement in Brussels. Michel said that the agreement ensured the rights and interests of EU fairly and in a balanced manner. He added that the agreement would provide stability in EU as well as create socio-economic probability.

The agreement was then brought to UK’s premier, Boris Johnson, by the Royal Air Force plane. The Prime Minister thereafter affixed his signatures and seal on the agreement. The Prime Minister told legislators that this agreement will put UK and EU in a relationship where both will enjoy equal sovereignty.

However, the agreement hasn’t been signed by European Parliament yet. It was informed that it would take at least a week when European Parliament too would sign the agreement.