Barclays Appoints Marie Freier as the Global Head of ESG Research


It was just last year when one of the top investment banks in the United Kingdom revealed its future plans to its stakeholders. The Barclays Bank announced that it was considering expanding its capabilities for the ESG research.

At the beginning of the current year, the bank announced that it was going to proceed with its plans of expanding the ESG research program. The Barclays bank has announced that in order to initiate the ESG research it has appointed the head of the department.

The Barclays Bank has revealed that it has appointed Marie Freier as the new global head of environmental, social, governance (ESG) research.

Before being appointed as the lead at the Barclays Bank’s ESG Research department, Freier provided her services at Sanford Bernstein. She was appointed at Sanford Bernstein for almost 14 years and had one of the senior positions.

While at Sanford Bernstein, Freier was appointed as the head of product management for Europe in the first six years. For the latter part of her tenure, she was appointed as the co-head of European sales and global head of ESG research.

As the global head of ESG research, Freier will be posted in London. She will be reporting directly to Rupert Jones who is the head of the European equity research. She will be responsible for leading the ESG integration into the fundamental research products for Barclays. She will also be responsible for the development of products for more asset classes, targeting more regions.

It was back in March 2020 when the new ESG division was added by Barclays with the aim to extend its research franchise. With the launch of the Fundamental ESG Research, Barclays aims to provide its customers with multi-dimensional research reports and analysis.

The global head of research at Barclays also welcomed Marie Freier as the global head of ESG research. He stated that they are delighted to have someone as talented and dedicated as Freier heading their ESG research project.

He stated that the ESG research program is one of their greatest achievements and business strategically, one of the most important parts of their business. They are honored to have Marie Freier leading the ESG research project and are confident in her capabilities and role in Barclays.

With Marie Freier onboard, it is now evident how dedicated and serious Barclays is with respect to its expansion in the ESG offerings to their clients.

While announcing the launch of the new ESG research division, Barclays also commended the contribution of other teams that are also involved with the project.

The Barclays bank commended how the quantitative and sustainable, and thematic strategic teams have been constantly working. These are responsible for generating and sharing research reports on different ESG factors and elements.