AWS Space Accelerator Has Been Launched by Amazon


According to the latest reports, the Web Services from Amazon have made a huge announcement for the space startups. The service has made the announcement of a new assistance program for the new space startups. The announcement was made by Amazon Web Services on Tuesday, March 30, 2021.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has confirmed that in order to execute its plans in the most precise, it needed the help of other partners as well. Therefore, it has formed a partnership with Seraphim Capital, which is a venture firm based in the United Kingdom. As a result, the tech and e-commerce giant and the venture firm will be working together on the new project.

It has been revealed that the Amazon Web Services Space Accelerator will consist of a four-week program for business support. It has been confirmed that the project for the Amazon Web Service Space Accelerator would commence from June 2021.

The above information was shared by Sandy Carter through a blog post, who is the vice president of partners at Amazon Web Services.

At the initiation of the program, the Amazon Web Services Space Accelerator will go ahead and select 10 companies that will be allowed to participate in the program. Once selected, each startup company will be receiving AWS Activate Credit of $100,000 through the program. These funds will be used by the startup companies in order to use to acquire numerous services through the cloud service of Amazon.

Apart from that, during the accelerator, the startups will also be receiving mentoring. The people who will be participating as the mentors will be experts from technical subject matter and space domain. These individuals will have a lot of experience in the Amazon Web Services sector and will be providing full support to the startups throughout the program.

Clint Crosier, who is the director of the Satellite and Aerospace division at Amazon Web Services also talked about the purpose of the accelerator program. Crosier stated that startups have a lot of potentials to offer innovation and new ideas that can improve the way people think about certain fields.

This is the reason why the company is aiming to bring 10 new startups on board so they can work as catalysts. With their help, the process of innovation, new ideas, and improvements in space-related projects will be expedited.

Crosier stated that the announcement by Amazon Web Services will surely spread like a wild-fire all over the world. There will be several startups turning up to prove their skills and expertise in space-related projects.

Crosier has hinted that the accelerator program is not the end for the startup companies. The plan is to take these companies a step further once the primary goal has been achieved.