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About the company

Trading cryptocurrencies is both an exciting and challenging activity, pushing traders to strive for the best. In the process, they need to constantly be on the lookout for the most competitive trading conditions in the industry, now that there are thousands of trading brands operating.

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Standing out from the crowd is Avex Market, a dedicated crypto trading platform promising some interesting features. It operates globally, but you should keep in mind that it does not accept customers that are US residents or that have tax obligations in the USA. The customer base is currently increasing and these are some of the reasons why:

Avex Market main features

  • A diversified asset index – it’s hard to compete with Avex Market’s asset offer, given its members can enjoy an extensive, diverse selection of cryptocurrencies, all integrated into proprietary trading software. You can trade on Bitcoin, Ether, Binance Coin, Stellar, Cardano, Neo, Polkadot, Solana, and other promising altcoins, benefiting from the attractive trading costs and multiple order types.
  • Fast trade execution – another aspect that is not neglected by the brand is order execution. Crypto valuations are volatile, making short-term trading difficult in the absence of advanced trading technology. Avex Market designed its own platform, making sure fast execution is granted for all traders.
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  • Strong security – cryptocurrencies should be traded only in an environment free of security vulnerabilities. Sadly. over the past couple of years there were too many brands that didn’t understand the importance of that. Avex Market offers trading on crypto derivatives, via a platform that uses strong encryption methods. Also, the brand relies on multiple policies when conducting its daily operations.
  • Variety of payments – to ensure convenience, Avex Market accepts a variety of payment options, including major debit/credit cards, bank wire transfers, and e-wallets. You are able to deposit fiat quickly, and that means you can start trading right after the account is set up.
  • Compliance – in line with international AML/KYC standards, Avex Market requires all registered customers to pass the verification process by submitting several identification documents. All details related to the process can be found on the brand’s website.
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Client support

There will be times when traders are going to need technical support, or information about what Avex Market has to offer. To cope with these situations, the company has a dedicated client support service team. Anybody can contact a representative and get answers in due time.

Final thoughts

In case you want to proceed with crypto trading and benefit from professional conditions, Avex Market represents one of the better options you have on the table. It offers a broad range of crypto instruments, relying on proprietary trading software and an infrastructure customized for the world of digital assets.

Unfortunately, few other brands have so far managed to do that. Avex Market now wants to reach the global audience of traders who are considering giving crypto trading a chance.