Apple’s Tracking Gadget is out and it relies on Unique Tracking Feature


It was on Tuesday, April 20 when Apple finally announced the launch of its tracking gadget and the unique feature it has added to it. Apple has finally announced that its AirTag is now available for customers to go ahead and purchase from Apple retail stores.

The company has announced that the recently launched AirTag is available for users at a price of $29. People can attach the AirTag to their valuable belongings such as backpacks, keys, and other devices. They can also attach them to any devices or belongings they have that they want to keep a track of just in case it gets lost.

The gadget is the perfect solution for people who end up losing their belongings and have no way of finding them. This is where the AirTag would come in and help them recover their belongings without having to go through much trouble.

If an item is lost and the AirTag is attached with it, then all the user needs to do is track the item through their live map that is available to the Apple device users named “Find My”.

This software is built-in on every Apple device, belonging to the wireless category. The users can use the live map on the software and track their device in no time.

The new product launched by Apple is set to give a hard time to many competitors with the same products in the market. One of the major companies with a similar kind of product in the market is Tile. On Wednesday, April 19 had filed a complaint against Apple at the Congress over the company’s overall dominance.

According to Apple, the key feature offered by AirTag is not the technology but the way the gadget actually works. In order to operate and help people find their belongings, AirTag uses the support and software of other Apple iPhones.

Apple has revealed that unlike other gadgets of the same sort, AirTag does not have a GPS system, so it does not generate any GPS signals. The company has not gone with this particular feature, as it would end up significantly draining the battery of the gadget.

Instead, the AirTag device tends to send out Bluetooth signals to other Apple iPhone devices that are scrambled. This is where other Apple iPhones would come into play as they would help the device get picked up and then become visible on the live map.

The best thing about the AirTag is that it not only utilizes the Bluetooth signals of iOS but also other software such as macOS as well as iPadOS.

This feature makes the AirTag searchable even when there is no mobile data or wifi available.