Apple’s Top Analyst Just Talked about the Reports Related to Apple Car


One of the most senior Apple analysts has just shared his views and warned the entire Apple community regarding one of the most discussed topics. He has asked the investors to remain very cautious about the news/reports surrounding Apple cars.

As per reports, the hottest topic in the Apple industry is if the company is planning to manufacture and launch self-driving Apple cars. The recent shares report released by one of the financial news reporting sites ‘Reuters’ shows that the share prices of the autonomous car parts building companies are soaring.

However, the biggest take from the report was that some of these companies are currently involved in manufacturing parts for a new project. Some of the companies are known for manufacturing parts for Apple’s self-driving cars. The senior Apple analyst who has shared his views and findings around the latest topic is Ming-Chi Kuo who is a TFI analyst.

Kuo is one of the most prominent personalities and analysts whose predictions and reports have always been on the mark. He has earned an enormous amount of reputation among the Apple community for revealing accurate information. The majority of the time, the analyst is known for sharing accurate information around Apple’s plans for product launches. As per the analyst, he keeps a very close eye on Apple’s supply chain and this is why his reports are very authentic.

The analyst’s recent revelations surrounding the production of Apple cars may finally put an end to the topic for now. He has stated that although there are many news and speculations surrounding Apple’s production of cars, yet there are not many possibilities that Apple is actually doing it at the moment.

He stated that the news and rumors are only coming from the markets and currently there are no confirmations of car suppliers being involved with Apple. He stated that the technical specs for the self-driving/EV cars are still evolving. Therefore, it would be too early to consider that Apple is involved in manufacturing self-driving vehicles.

Kuo predicted that as per his calculations and understanding of the market, Apple will introduce its first Apple car by 2028. He predicted that if the Apple car market becomes too bullish, then the earliest Apple will launch an Apple car would be in 2025.

He also stated that as per his knowledge, Apple needs to do a lot of work when it comes to Artificial Intelligence technology. The company is fairly new to the technology and the first challenge it has is indeed coming up with a reliable AI technology. Once the company achieves this milestone that is when it will be able to take the next step towards building self-driving Apple cars.