Apple Expecting to Observe Rise in Stock Price Following Launch of iPhone 13


As per the latest reports, it is expected that Apple will soon be experiencing a rise in its stock prices. This is something that has not only been predicted by independent analysts but analysts from Wall Street.

The reports reveal that the analysts at Wall Street have been taking a lot of interest in the stock prices of Apple. It is currently the largest company in the entire world in terms of market capitalization.

Ahead of the earnings revealed by Apple, the analysts at Wall Street have already started publishing their speculations around its stocks. Every analyst at Wall Street has shared his/her prediction and forecast around the stock prices for Apple.

However, out of all the predictions made by the analysts, there is one thing in common, which is the rise in the stock prices for Apple. Even the reason majority of the analysts have given in terms of rising in stock prices of Apple is similar. According to the majority of analysts, the stock price for Apple is going to surge with the upcoming launch of Apple’s latest smartphone “iPhone 13”.

The analysts have predicted that throughout the cycle of the launch and release of the iPhone 13, the stock prices for Apple would continue experiencing a surge. It has been predicted that there are high chances that Apple may be apple to surpass the $150 per share figure once the new iPhone 13 is out.

One of the most prominent and highly regarded analysts is Kathy Huberty who is from Morgan Stanley. She is one of the recent analysts to have shared her view around the stock price lifting for Apple. According to Huberty, following the launch of the new Apple iPhone 13, Apple’s share price would elevate up to $162 per share.

However, towards the end of the cycle for iPhone 13, the share price for Apple would be close to $166, once the cycle ends. At the time of writing, the share price per Apple share unit is around $148. Once the iPhone 13 cycle ends, the share price for iPhone 13 would have experienced a 12% surge.

She stated that there would be two major reasons behind the rise in the stock prices for Apple. The first reason would be the increase in demand for the iPhone 13 model, which would eventually increase the sales for the newer model.

The second reason is correlated with the first reason, which involves the supply-chain dynamics. The company is going to initiate the manufacturing of the iPhone 13 at a larger scale now that the pandemic is almost over. The manufacturing plants for iPhone and semiconductors would be fully operational as well as the assembly plants.

Therefore, the company can expect a rise in sales for the iPhone 13 model. Another major factor is the adoption of the 5G technology that is available through the iPhone 13. This is going to be a plus point for the company and thus, help it increase its sales and observe a rise in stock prices.