Amid Anti-Asian Hate -Crimes, Google CEO has Sent Consoling Email to Employees


It was just last week when Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google had sent an email over to all the employees regarding the Atlanta shootings. In his email, Pichai addressed the shooting incidents that took place in Atlanta, which were targeted against the Asian communities.

Pichai talked about the incident and consoled with all his employees at Google belonging to the Asian population.

He stated that the criminal acts committed against the Asian communities are not just limited to Atlanta but have been felt all over the world. He added that it is a huge tragedy that eight lives were lost as a result of the shootouts that were carried out in Atlanta.

Pichai stated that it is now becoming somewhat clear anybody will now be targeted on the basis of their gender and race. No one in the entire world can deny this fact because the recent incidents that have been reported are all suggesting the same thing.

The email form Pichai was rotated all over Google’s email list after the shooting incident that took place in Georgia last week. As a result of the shooting incident, eight people ended up losing their lives. Among eight people, there were 6 women that belonged to the Asian race.

This gave birth to so many concerns all over the country and huge crowds gathered to protest against the killings of innocents.

It is not only the United States of America that has observed an increase in the crime rate due to violence and racial discrimination. As a result of the COVID-19, communities of Asian America and Pacific Islander (AAPI) have been targeted by such criminals.

According to figures, 41.9% of the full-time workforce from Google comprises employees that are Asians. This means that currently, there are many employees at Google that are concerned and worried about their lives and their families.

Pichai’s email also added that they have also checked with the leads at Google’s facility in Atlanta. As per employees, Pichai’s email was very empathetic and showed how concerned Google’s higher management is about the safety of its employees.

His email also advised that any employees who are currently finding it difficult to cope with the situation can get in touch with their teammates and managers. The employees can also contact their leads/managers if they want some time to process the current situation.

Pichai also made it very clear that Google is against any acts of violence, sexism, and racism, no matter the form or circumstances. He stated that the company stands with AAPI in this time of need and discontent all over the world.

The first time Pichai talked against the violence against AAPI was back in February when he shared his concern through the Twitter platform alongside other leaders of Google.