After Waiting for More Than Twelve Months, Airlines Are Ready to Hire Employees


When the year 2020 began, no one had thought that it would turn out to be the most disastrous and worst year of the 21st Century. This is the year when the pandemic hit the entire world, which would go in history with one of the most devastating outcomes for humankind.

While the pandemic has hit the entire world, the industry that has taken the most amount of damage is none other than the aviation industry. Due to the pandemic, several countries from around the world imposed travel bans.

Before the aviation industry could try to assess the impact of the situation, things took the worst turn. The industry ended up experiencing a huge loss and the aviation sector ended up losing billions in a matter of months.

As a result, the aviation companies had to let go of their employees and millions of workers were let go of. It happened because the companies could no longer afford to keep the employees. The aviation companies had too few flights that were operational and even they did not operate regularly.

However, the discovery of the vaccination and global recovery from the pandemic is bringing things back to normal. Other sectors are also making a comeback and the economy is once again on the right track.

The global economy is now witnessing an upward trend and the situation is now becoming favorable for people who had lost their jobs. Amidst all the recovery, the aviation sector is also coming back to normal as the travel bans have started lifting all over the world.

Now the biggest challenge for the aviation companies is to re-hire the employees that it let go and they are still unemployed, as well as hire new ones.

At present, every aviation company can be seen advertising job vacancies, showing how desperate they are to bring employees on board.

The three largest airline companies; Delta (DAL), United (UAL), and American (AAL) have all confirmed that they are currently hiring. If they are not hiring now, then they are definitely going for mass hiring by the end of the year. Even Southwest (LUV), which did not let go as many employees as the first three companies have also announced it is getting ready to hire.

The Association of Flight Attendants from the United States has revealed that they are expecting a significant rise in the number of flight attendants. Back in 2020, many airline companies had claimed that they were going to hire many flight attendants.

At that particular time, the total number of flight attendants was 80,000 and the reports suggested that they were looking to bring the number up to 100,000. This is what the companies would need to meet now just in the United States.